Commissioner Jack Shea is alerting the public that his campaign signs, and those of other conservative political candidates, are disappearing from public and private properties.  Stealing campaign signs is illegal.  If your sign has gone missing, report it to the Sheriff or to your local police.  And get another one.  Conservatives will not silenced.  These dirty tricks will not stop the groundswell for conservatives this year.  This just goes to show you the level of desperation to which some people will sink.

Below is Commissioner Shea’s recent Letter to the Editor on this matter.

There is a situation that is ongoing that I want to bring to the attention of all Dare County  residents.  The situation that I am referring to is that some individual or individuals is/are STEALING MY CAMPAIGN SIGNS. This theft is occurring in many parts of the County where signs have been placed on both private property, with the owner’s permission, and on public property.

Campaign signs are the personal property of either the candidate or the candidates’ committee. Taking these signs is a crime since it involves the theft of private property owned by someone or an entity that has paid for these signs. Campaign signs are not cheap.

It should be also noted that in several places where campaign signs for several candidates had been placed, my sign and that of other conservative candidates, had been stolen and the campaign sign of my opponent seemed to be immune. I am  sure this sad, but not unexpected, situation has not been sanctioned by my opponent or the other political  party.

I urge all fair minded citizens, should they see someone taking any campaign signs, to note the license plate of the vehicle and notify the local police or Sheriff.  I also will expect the police to take the appropriate action when they receive a report of a sign theft.