Twice in the past month, the Editor of the Sentinel has targeted Bob Steinburg in her front page editorial.  After paying good money to advertise in the Sentinel, Steinburg has found that both of his ads have been subject to critical eye of Editor Sandy Semans who has published her ‘ponderings’ about the ads on the front page of the online edition.  Her ‘ponderings’ on Spears’ ads have yet to appear.

In the first ad, Steinburg takes Spear to task for supporting Joe Hackney, the liberal Speaker of the House in our General Assembly in Raleigh.  Steinburg points out that Hackney recently fired a volunteer General Assembly clergyman for praying in the name of Jesus.  Steinburg found the firing to be an outrage and asked in his ad why Tim Spear had not spoken out.  Steinburg also pointed out in his ad that Spear supported Hackney for Speaker in his two elected terms.  All facts, not subject to dispute.

Ms. Semans, however, found something to dispute.  She stretched the bounds of credulity by claiming that the problem with the ad is that Hackney is not a liberal; he’s really a ‘closet conservative’.  OK, stop laughing.  I know its absurd.  But that’s what she wrote; a full editorial on how Hackney is really a conservative.   You can read the silly piece here.   It’s funny, all the Democrats want to call themselves conservative these days.  That just tells you how toxic the liberal label is.  Democrats see the writing on the wall and are trying to portray themselves as anything but liberal.  And Ms. Semans does some free advertising for both Spear and Hackney in this piece by trying to paint them as conservative.  This reminds of something I heard a couple of years ago, something about lipstick on a pig….

In the second ad, Steinburg stated that Spear proposed the building of the new $26 Million Jeanette’s Pier in Nags Head when the state was considering not sending tax refunds on account of its poor fiscal condition.   Factually, the ad did contain an error which Steinburg is quick to admit.  Spear sponsored a bill to fund the project; the proposal to build it was made in 2003, before Spear was elected.  Since you can’t build without funding, the essence of the claim is not changed by using either word.   However, Ms. Semans decided to write another front page editorial rebutting Steinburg’s ad and clearly demonstrating how reasonable it was to fund and build the pier during the greatest economic crisis that our state and country have ever seen.  Just more free advertising for the reasonable Mr. Spear.  I guess if you are a Democrat, there’s no need to pay for rebuttal ads, the editor will just write something for you and call it an editorial.

If I had a subscription to the Sentinel, I’d cancel it.