The Dare County GOP hosted an event last night in Avon billed as Cookies and Coffee with Conservative Candidates.  It was well attended with about 4o people turning out to hear from the state and local candidates.  If you’re just tuning in to the local elections, now’s the time to start learning about these candidates and the time to start persuading the people in your sphere of influence to vote conservative.

We have four fantastic candidates running for state and local office.  There is Hood Richardson who is challenging Marc Basnight for the State Senate seat in District 1.  There is Bob Steinburg who is challenging Tim Spear for the State House seat in District 2.  We have Jack Shea running for re-election to the Dare County Board of Commissioners against Robin Mann.  And last, but certainly not least, we have Doug Doughtie running against entrenched Sheriff Rodney Midgett. What these four candidates have in common is that, yes, they are Republicans, but, more importantly, they are CONSERVATIVE Republicans.

Bob Steinburg spoke first last night.  Bob is a two term chairman of the Chowan County GOP and a conservative columnist.  He came to eastern NC to retire and enjoy the second half of his life.  His passion for conservative values and his love for the community he now calls home, though, have  driven him out of retirement and into the public arena.  Taking on Spear is tantamount to taking on the entrenched liberal machine in North Carolina and Bob is ready for the fight.  Watch for his ads in the Coastland Times as he lays out his agenda and takes his opponent to task for doing nothing for his district.

The most important point that I took away from Bob’s address last night was redistricting.  In 2011, every state legislature will have the chance to redraw the US Congressional district lines.  A Republican majority in the General Assembly in Raleigh will ensure fair Congressional Districts in North Carolina.  Have you ever seen how the lines are drawn now?  Check them out here on Wikipedia.  It’s a joke.  They were designed by Democrats to keep Democrats in power.  The majority party in the General Assembly will get to change that next year.  Plus, early census reports indicate that NC may go from 13 Congressional seats to 15.  Who do you want designing those districts?

Next up was Hood Richardson.  Hood is a four-term Beaufort County Commissioner and a small business owner. He has always stood up for conservative principles, he’s always looking out for the little guy. He is not in this for himself; he is putting himself out there to challenge the top dog in Raleigh to ensure a better future for his grandchildren in the State of North Carolina.

Hood spoke passionately about how Basnight and the powerful Democrats in Raleigh have designed a system that puts the screws to the people of this state and practically guarantees that they stay in power.  It’s corrupt through and through.  You can read Hood’s fine paper entitled “Corruption – It’s Legal in North Carolina” on his website.  Hood also spoke about how Basnight has sold his soul to the environmental lobby over the past 20 years making him impotent on the bridge and beach access issues.

Jack Shea, who is running to keep his At-Large seat on the Dare County Board of Commissioners, spoke about his proposal to bring new jobs to Dare County.  He proposed, at a recent Commissioner’s meeting, that we explore ways to lure white collar jobs to the County.  We can attract businesses to relocate certain of their services here like their accounting operations or call centers.  We have all the ingredients that companies are looking for such as an educated workforce, abundant housing and reasonable wage expectations.  He is working with the various Boards and Commissions to bring this proposal to life.  Jack is also the only Republican, he pointed out, to vote against the recent property tax increase.

Last up was Sheriff Candidate Doug Doughtie.  Doug has a three point platform.  First is community policing.  He’d like to see a cops on bikes again, in the neighborhoods, getting to know the people in the communities, earning their trust.  He wants to have a proactive Sheriff’s office, not a reactive one.  To be proactive, the Sheriff’s office needs the trust of the community.  Second, Doug feels strongly that the drug problem in Dare County is having a devastating effect on the young people.  He wants to put a framework in place to deter drug use among the youth.  He is a strong proponent of intervention programs that bring kids back from the brink through the use of strong male role models.  Lastly, Doug promises to be accessible 24/7 .  If you want to talk to the Sheriff, you can.  His cell number will be open and available to the public.

These are your local and state candidates.  Get to know them.   Check out their websites.  Donate to their campaigns, no amount is too small.  Tell your friends and co-workers about them.  Print out the Vote Dare GOP Flyer and share it with your friends, family and co-workers.  Check out the Vote Dare GOP website which has links to all of the candidates websites.

We cannot win unless everyone does their part.  Do yours today!