Eye on Dare has some interesting commentary on the Dare County Republican Party.  Many of his points are right on.  He scoffs at the turnout of only 40 people at the recent Candidate Forum/GOP Meeting in Avon.  He’s right.  Forty is a sad turnout at a time when there is a conservative revolution taking place in this country.  He takes our Republican Commissioners to task for being RINOs.  Most of his comments in this regard are indisputable.  Both Mike and Richard Johnson have proven to be anything but conservative.  But one thing I disagree with wholeheartedly is his last comment:

…a very weak Dare County GOP trying to get on the national bandwagon of “Slay the Democrats”, and folks, it ain’t gonna happen, at least not locally.

Do you agree with Eye on Dare?  Are you a conservative who won’t get involved with party politics?   Are you planning to vote conservative nationally but not locally?

I have only one thing to say on this matter.  The Republican Party is made up of people.  If the conservatives out there don’t like the Republican Party,  there is only one way to change it, change the people.  And if you don’t get involved to help do that, the party will never change.  It’s all up to those of you who call yourselves conservative.