North Beach Sun and are posting a five part series on the Basnight/Richardson race for NC Senate District 1.  The candidates answered a series of questions on topics such as spending priorities, transportation and energy.  The candidate’s responses were published in the North Beach Sun, Fall 2010 issue. is posting the responses online in a five part series.  We’ll link to each post.  Subscribe to Truth or Dare’s email alerts on the home page.

Recent polling by Civitas showed Basnight leading Richardson 49/39 among all voters.  Among those most likely to vote, however, Basnight’s lead shrinks to 47/46.  This important race is heating up.  Find out what the candidates had to say on the important issues by following this series.

The first post asks the question

As funding for highway trust funds continues to shrink, how do you propose to fund needed road and infrastructure projects?  Specifically, how do you see the replacement of the Bonner Bridge being paid for into the future?

Click here to see the candidate’s responses