State Senator Marc Basnight is crisscrossing the State in hopes of retaining his power as the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.  As polling increasingly shows that the Republicans will take control of the Senate, Basnight is spending his vast war chest to help incumbent Democrat Senators keep their seats.

A Republican majority in the Senate means new Senate leadership and with it, a marginalized role for Democrats who have controlled that body for over 100 years.  A GOP majority in the Senate could spell doom for Dare County if they elect a Democrat Senator.  In remarks to the Washington Daily News, Basnight says,

“If I’m not re-elected president of the Senate, my effectiveness will shrink to something we will not recognize.”

Basnight views himself as running for two races in November:  his Senate seat in District 1 and his position as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.  He seems more concerned about his position as President of the Senate than about winning his seat in November.  When asked if he would consider debating his challenger for the Senate District 1 seat, Hood Richardson, Basnight said he’d consider it if he could work it into his schedule, saying,

“I do not want to be distracted away from what is the leadership of the Senate”

Basnight’s focus right now is on raising money for Senate Democrats who are in peril, according to recent polls.  He knows the stakes are high, not just for him, but for Dare County.  He remarked to the Washington Daily News that a GOP Senate spells trouble for his District if he is re-elected to his seat but not re-elected to his position as President Pro Tempore,

“I go out to convince others to raise money all across North Carolina.  I want to be re-elected president of the Senate and, if not, a lot is at stake, I believe, for my district…”