Nearly all of the local candidates were on display Sunday as the Dare County League of Women Voters hosted a Candidate Reception at the Kitty Hawk Town Hall.  Many of the voters who turned out to listen were supporters of the candidates and they seated themselves wedding style; Republicans on one side, Democrats on the other.  In this first installment you’ll hear the Commissioner candidates as they make their case to the voters.

Shea vs. Mann for Dare County Commissioner

Commissioner Jack Shea

Commissioner Jack Shea (R) began his remarks talking about the urgent need for action to improve the economic situation in Dare County.  He cited the need to bring more permanent jobs to the County as well as supporting our existing industries.  He touted his strategic plan for economic development which he is working on with the Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations in the County.  He cited his vote against the recent property tax increase saying, “ The government must balance the budget as all our families must do.  We can’t spend money that we don’t have.”   He called the replacement of the Bonner Bridge a “public safety imperative.”  He ripped the “special interest bullies” who are trying to “destroy our heritage and our future” by closing the beaches.  In closing he cited his extensive business and managerial experience and his history of providing value to stakeholders.  “In Dare County,” he said, “you all are the stakeholders.  You deserve a solid return from your government.”

Robin Mann

Robin Mann (D) spent her opening remarks talking about her position as Financial Manager for Mann Custom Boats, the company owned by her and her husband.  She cited her experience in human resources, safety, marketing and technology.  She provided a lengthy biography which included details about her experience as a real estate agent, a Broker-in-charge and a realty sales support staff manager.  She talked about her family, her children, grandchildren, future grandchildren and her dog Cookie, who wanted to go for a walk on Sunday.  She detailed her leadership positions in organizations such as the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce and the Manteo Rotary Club.  She also cited her work forming non profits in Dare County; non profits that have “ been involved in enhancing our students in Dare county, our communities and our workforce in providing workforce development.”  In closing, she said, “I am  very energetic.  I  am very enthusiastic and and I have a lot of passion for you guys, for the people in Dare County…Representing you…is an awesome responsibility.  It is one that I will take very seriously.”