Hood Richardson stood alone as the only candidate for NC Senate District 1 at the Sunday Candidate Reception sponsored by the Dare County League of Women Voters.  Senator Basnight did not make an appearance or send a representative to speak on his behalf.  That didn’t stop Hood Richardson from taking Basnight to task, though.   Mr. Richardson’s remarks were pointed and sharp.  Read on…

Hood Richardson

Commissioner Hood Richardson (R) opened by stating his qualifications.  A native North Carolinian, he is a licensed Professional Engineer and a licensed Land Surveyor.  He has owned a business in the engineering field since 1983. He has a Bachelor of Science from NC State College.  He says that his technical experience uniquely qualifies him for this job because the job is all about problem solving.  He sees North Carolina quite a bit differently than his opponent.  He sees ‘a North Carolina that’s got some serious problems if we don’t start doing something right away.’  He went after his opponent and the Democrats in Raleigh for not balancing the state budget this year.  This wasn’t done, he said, because they were afraid to raise taxes in an election year.  Taxes have been raised, he said, every year that his opponent has been in office.  Richardson says money that should have been used for things like roads has been dumped into social programs to fund Senator Basnight’s liberalism, “We cannot afford the liberal social programs we have when people are not working.”  Illegal immigration was another target of Mr. Richardson.  Educating illegal immigrants costs $9000 per student.  His solution, “Send ‘em back.”  “Send ‘em back and we will have jobs for our people which we desperately need.”  He cited the loss of the textile and furniture industries under his opponents leadership in the Senate.  He laid the blame for Bonner Bridge not being built at the feet of Basnight.  He says Basnight has given the environmentalists all the regulations they ever wanted and now he’s boxed in by those very regulations.  Richardson says we need someone ‘who understands the balance between the environment, industry and reality.’