Hood Richardson

Hood Richardson, in a Truth or Dare exclusive, criticized the Basnight mailers recently sent out by the North Carolina Republican Party.  The ads, which contained pictures of Senator Basnight that were mocking in nature, were designed by the North Carolina Republican Executive Committee.  They were sent to Unaffiliated voters in Senate District 1.  Neither Mr. Richardson nor his campaign knew anything about the mailers until they started showing up in mailboxes.

While Mr. Richardson says that ‘there was some truth contained in the ads’, he does not ‘approve of the derisive expression‘ contained in them.  Mr. Richardson has been critical of Senator Basnight’s pet pier project and his handling of the state budget but believes that the ads may be obscuring his message.   He would prefer to see the NCGOP  focus on the differences between the two candidates rather than to resort to mockery of the twelve-term incumbent.

The differences between the two candidates are indeed dramatic.  The issues of taxes and illegal immigration show the contrast.

Mr. Richardson has roundly criticized Senator Basnight and the Democrats in the General Assembly for their tax and spend ways.  They have ‘raised taxes every year that my opponent has been in office’ says Mr. Richardson.  And that money has been used ‘fund his [Senator Basnight’s] liberalism’.

On the issue of immigration, Mr. Richardson favors sending the illegals back to their home country.  That will create jobs, he says, ‘that our people desperately need.’  In addition it will save taxpayers $9000 per student.  On the contrary, Senator Basnight has stated quite plainly that he is not in favor of sending the illegals back.  In a videotaped segment earlier this year, the Senator, speaking of an illegal who recently graduated from Manteo High School,  tells the assembled group,

“Write it down.  I would not send her…back.”

Mr. Richardson says the choice in this election is clear.

“The choice is between more big government spending and the conservative approach I have worked for.  My record as a county commissioner shows that without the need for caricatures.”

According the NCGOP, additional mailers are already in the works.