The conventional wisdom in Raleigh is that the Republicans will win the General Assembly in November.  While there are still a few House races that could tilt the balance one way or the other, the consensus is that the Senate will fall to the GOP.   The Senate has 50 seats.  The balance of power right now in that chamber is 30 Democrats to 20 Republicans.  Republicans need 6 seats to take control.  Based on recent polling, the GOP will win between six and ten seats.

What does this mean for Dare County?  As voters from Southern Shores to Hatteras go to the polls starting today, they have to ask  themselves a very important question:  Will Dare County be better off with an unknown minority party Democrat Senator or a well known conservative Republican Senator?  That’s the choice we face in the NC Senate District 1 race.

Should Marc Basnight win on November 2nd, he will return to Raleigh as a minority party Senator with no power.  He said it himself in an interview with the Washington Daily News,

“If I’m not re-elected president of the Senate, my effectiveness will shrink to something we will not recognize.”

Does anyone seriously believe that Marc Basnight will not retire under those circumstances?  Of course he will.

While we all see Marc Basnight as OUR Senator, remember, he represents eight counties.  His successor will be chosen by the Democrat Party Chiefs in those eight counties.    Our new Senator will be someone who has not campaigned for your vote, someone whose positions on the issues are not known, someone who may not have the best interests of Dare County in mind.  That person might be liberal or they might be conservative.  They may be qualified for the job or they might be a political hack.  They could be a lawyer or a real estate developer or a career politician.  It’s a guessing game.  One thing will be certain, though, they will be a powerless minority party Senator.

Hood Richardson, on the other hand, is a known quantity.  He is a proven conservative who is not afraid to go up against the establishment.  He is proven to be a fighter for the people he represents.  He has campaigned for your vote, shown you his record and told you what he will do as your Senator.  He has pledged to work to change the Pay to Play culture in Raleigh.  He will vote to reduce taxes and regulations to spur economic growth.   He will oppose spending tax dollars on the education and welfare of illegal immigrants.  Hood is an engineer who understands the issues surrounding the Bonner Bridge.  He will fight tooth and nail to get that bridge built.  He is not beholden to any of the special interests who are working against us in that fight.  He will fight against the environmental bullies who are trying to close our beaches.  He will be a strong voice for Dare County.

Many readers of this blog are conservative but will have a hard time not voting for Marc Basnight, out of loyalty, habit, appreciation or some combination thereof.  Just remember this as you ponder over the ballot:  the choice this year is not about the past.  The choice is for the future.  Vote for the candidate who will best represent our interests from this day forward.

Who will you choose?