As controversy continued to swirl around the German Soldier Ad, Representative Tim Spear and the North Carolina Democratic Party took cover. Spear, who said he was personally insulted when he saw the flyer, said the NC Democratic Party was responsible for hiring the ad agency. The Party promptly blamed the ad agency. The ad agency issued a press release ‘taking full responsibility’.

Mr. Spear takes credit for the message but not the photo. “It was a good flyer with a good message,” he tells the Daily Advance, “but the photo took away from the message.” The photo took away from the message? Seriously? It didn’t take away from the message, Mr. Spear, it delivered a message. The message was ‘I’m out of touch with the military, my campaign and my constituents.

Although the ad says it was ‘Authorized by Tim Spear’, Mr. Spear says that the photo was made a part of his flier without his final approval.  Did the agency mail out campaign literature without final approval or will they produce evidence of a proof approved by either Mr. Spear or someone else from the NC Democratic Party?  Their reputation will surely be riding on the answer to that question. To be sure, the agency was negligent. The photo was clearly captioned on with

“Re-enactors dressed as German soldiers advance towards the enemy.”

The agency deserves their share of the blame. But ‘full responsibility’?  Do the words  ‘Authorized by Tim Spear’ have any meaning?  Mr. Spear had an obligation to review this ad before it went out under his name.  If he doesn’t review his own campaign ads, what else does he not review?  House bills?  Committee reports?  It is reported that he is taking out an ad in local papers to apologize to his constituents. Will he man up and take responsibility for this debacle or will he continue to dodge and weave?

Tim Spear is asking for your vote on November 2nd.  Is this the kind of leadership you expect of your Representative?

Note: The story first broke on this blog yesterday and has since been picked up by Fox News, CBS News and many other news outlets.  It was on the front page of the Daily Advance just above another Truth or Dare story about NC1 Rep Bill Owens.  The story was also featured this evening on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.  Thanks to Dianne L for the video of the mention on CBS.  Skip to 1:14 for the 10 second clip.