December 2010

Senator Basnight is asking state leaders to continue funding the illegal project known as the renovation of Lake Mattamuskeet Lodge. The dilapidated facility, now owned by the State of North Carolina, was designed as a pumping station and was later converted to  a rustic hunting lodge.  It is slated to become state owned and operated Bed and Breakfast that will compete directly with private businesses in Hyde County. State law prohibits such competition from any governmental unit in North Carolina. (more…)


Former State Senator Fred Hobbs admitted today that he illegally funneled money through his employees to the campaigns of Marc Basnight, Governor Perdue and others.  Hobbs, one of the principles of the engineering firm Hobbs Upchurch & Associates, was fined $150,00 by the State Board of Elections this morning.  This afternoon, criminal charges were filed by the local District Attorney.   The charges are only misdemeanors which means he’s facing the frightening punishment of a slap on the wrist.  Chewing bubble gum during catechism class will get you a harsher punishment than Hobbs will get.

We now have two prominent businessmen who illegally funneled money to Basnight and Perdue through their employees.  Will Marc Basnight continue to deny he knew nothing of this scheme?  Is it just a coincidence that (more…)

The deal reached between the GOP and the White House to temporarily extend the Bush-era tax cuts is a big fat compromise.  It includes a few conservative ideas but they are offset by too many liberal goodies.  Ultimately, this will hurt the GOP and Obama knows it.  He may be an idiot but he’s no political fool.  He didn’t want tax rates to go up but now he’s got the GOP’s fingerprints on the gun he’s using to shoot our economy.  They are now an accessory to the crime.

What do you think?  Read about all the measures in the compromise bill and sound off on the OBX Tea Party Blog

Predictably, our politically transgendered Congressman, Walter Jones, has voted with the Democrats to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to only selective Americans, effectively raising taxes for everyone else. Three Republicans voted for it and twenty Democrats voted against it. Walter is bluer than the Blue-Dog Democrats!

The bill would extend the Bush-era tax cuts to people making less than $250,000. It will raise taxes on everyone else, including investors who will see a 30% increase (more…)