January 2011

Next Friday is the big day. At 6:30pm in Columbia, the Democrats of Senate District 1 will choose Marc Basnight’s successor.

Since Senate District 1 is composed of eight counties and the voting will be based on population, Dare County Democrats will not have much of a voice in the selection.  They control only 19% of the votes.  Beaufort has a whopping 29% of the votes while Pasquotank has 23%.  The rest of the counties votes are:  Currituck 12%, Washington 9%, Camden 4% and Hyde 4%.  Tyrrell is not voting.

Dare may have only a small voice in this process, that has not deterred our local political and business leaders from throwing their hat into the ring.  Hoping for the job are (more…)


Outer Banks Voice is reporting that the race for Marc Basnight’s Senate seat is heating up. According to OBV, Commissioners Judge and Tillett are interested as is former Chamber of Commerce President Paul Tine. Rep. Tim Spear’s name was mentioned but I’ve been told by a few insiders that (more…)

Marc Basnight announced today that he is retiring from the NC State Senate effective January 25th.  He cited health reasons.

Please, pretty please, can I say it?  Thank you.  I told you so!  Rembember this post? All you Democrats who poo-pooed my prediction, what say you now?

With the cat finally out of the bag, the Democratic Party of the eight counties in State Senatorial District 1 will now work on nominating a replacement for him.  The voters of District 1 will have no say.  We had our say on November 2nd and we blew it.   Here’s how it will work.  (more…)