Marc Basnight announced today that he is retiring from the NC State Senate effective January 25th.  He cited health reasons.

Please, pretty please, can I say it?  Thank you.  I told you so!  Rembember this post? All you Democrats who poo-pooed my prediction, what say you now?

With the cat finally out of the bag, the Democratic Party of the eight counties in State Senatorial District 1 will now work on nominating a replacement for him.  The voters of District 1 will have no say.  We had our say on November 2nd and we blew it.   Here’s how it will work.  The local Democratic parties of the eight counties represented in State Senatorial District 1 will nominate delegates to a regional Democrat Executive Committee meeting.  These delegates will nominate and vote for the Basnight’s successor.  Each county will have the same number of delegates but their votes will be weighted based on the County’s population (one vote for every 300 persons).  Here are the population figures for the eight counties in Senate District 1, according to 2008 data from the US Census.

Beaufort:  46,035 – 26%

Camden:  9,682 – 6%

Currituck:  24,183 – 14%

Dare:  33,584 – 19%

Hyde:  5,181 – 3%

Pasquotank:  41,111 – 23%

Tyrrell:  4,087 – 2%

Washington:  12,946 – 7%

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what potential candidates emerge for the office.  We can certainly bring pressure to bear on our local Democratic Party once the candidates are known.  Given the percentages, I don’t see Rep. Spear as a viable option.   He was rejected by Dare County in the recent election by a sizable margin.  He might win delegates from Hyde, Tyyrell and Washington counties (the only other counties that he presently represents) but that won’t be enough.  I suspect candidates will emerge from Beaufort, Dare and possibly Pasquotank counties (maybe Rep Bill Owens?).  What are your predictions?