Next Friday is the big day. At 6:30pm in Columbia, the Democrats of Senate District 1 will choose Marc Basnight’s successor.

Since Senate District 1 is composed of eight counties and the voting will be based on population, Dare County Democrats will not have much of a voice in the selection.  They control only 19% of the votes.  Beaufort has a whopping 29% of the votes while Pasquotank has 23%.  The rest of the counties votes are:  Currituck 12%, Washington 9%, Camden 4% and Hyde 4%.  Tyrrell is not voting.

Dare may have only a small voice in this process, that has not deterred our local political and business leaders from throwing their hat into the ring.  Hoping for the job are Warren Judge, Virginia Tillett, Stan White and Paul Tine.  My sense is that Virginia probably wants this position more than any of them and is probably burning up the phone lines as we speak.

Your truly believes that there there is NO chance, and I mean NO chance that someone from Dare County will be chosen. It won’t even be close.  Marc Basnight has burned up his goodwill and the chances for a Dare successor by pulling the old bait and switch.  The Democrat leadership did not expect him to resign and was not prepared with a succession plan.  They have been scrambling to find the right candidate, going so far as to contact Republicans and Tea Party people to get their input to see who would be electable in 2012.  From the looks of things, the front-runner is former State Representative Arthur Williams.  He is presently unemployed after beaten soundly in the last election by Republican Bill Cook in House District 6.  Being from Beaufort, he has the best chance of winning since Beaufort controls nearly 1/3 of the votes.  Plus, the Dems think he is the most electable of all the candidates.    That fact alone should tell you that they were not prepared for this process.  Art Williams, the most electable.  Sorry, have to laugh.  Thanks to Basnight, the Democrats in eastern North Carolina have no farm team.  They’ll have to make do with the old school politicians.  If the Republicans start now and recruit a young, smart, fresh face, they should win the seat with ease in 2012.


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