Elitist Commissioner Richard Johnson (R)

Demonstrating the haughty attitude prevalent in Dare County politics, Commissioner Richard Johnson said that he is not convinced that the current district alignment is problematic.  In a stunning display of elitism, Johnson, a Republican and the longest serving Commissioner on the Board, commented to a reporter at The Virginian Pilot,

“Is there anything that’s been needed at the beach that’s not been addressed by the Board of Commissioners?  Everybody’s got schools, nice schools. Everybody’s got libraries. There’s county offices in all the areas. I don’t understand what the issue is.”

This is akin to saying that the huddled masses should be grateful for the gifts that the benevolent Commissioners have bestowed upon them.  This is the elitist attitude that we are up against.

It is critical that you email the Board of Commissioners today and tell them that EQUAL representation is the foundation of our representative republic.  This issue has nothing to do with schools, libraries or county offices.  It’s about one thing and one thing only – EQUAL REPRESENTATION!

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