Rep. Tim Spear, one of the so-called Conservative Democrats, sided with the radical progressive agenda to shove Obamacare down the throats of North Carolinians. Spear voted yesterday not to override Perdue’s veto of the Healthcare Protection Act.  Despite overwhelming numbers of phone calls and emails from constituents urging him to vote to override Perdue’s veto of HB2, Spear turned a deaf ear to North Carolinians and saddled us with all the burdens, financial and otherwise, that are going to come with having to comply with this unconstitutional law.  Spear said YES to Perdue and Obama and NO to the folks he represents.

Spear had refused to tell his constituents his position right up until the last minute. Callers to his office were told by the person answering that she did not know how he was going to vote. Only after meeting with Perdue did Spear announce his position to support her.  What was promised to those six swing-Democrats who voted to uphold the veto?  We may not know now but it will come to light.  We will not forget this vote, Mr. Spear and we will remind your constituents of it over and over as the next election approaches.

This vote was not just about the veto, according to Speaker of the House Thom Tillis, it was about what’s going to happen in about two years when we have to start implementing and paying for Obamacare, it’s about the fines that will be imposed on North Carolinians who do not comply with the mandate.