Former NC State Senator Fred Hobbs this week pleaded guilty to charges stemming from illegal campaign donations he made to prominent North Carolina Democrats including former Senator Marc Basnight and Governor Beverly Perdue.   Mr. Hobbs joins the illustrious Rusty ‘I thought my cat could contribute’ Carter in the club of North Carolina elites who committed campaign finance fraud in the name of helping their friends in Raleigh.  But were they just helping their friends?  Or was there a quid pro quo?  We’ll never know.  Both Mr. Carter and his wife were appointed by the Governor to the Board of Trustees at UNC.  Mr. Hobbs’ engineering firm has been the recipient of millions in grants from various North Carolina boards and commissions.  The  system we have in North Carolina for doling out appointments and money to political favorites is a fertile breeding ground for corruption.

Both Hobbs and Carter used their employees as straw men to make political campaign donations to Marc Basnight and Beverly Perdue and others over the course of a decade. The employees were reimbursed for their donations.  Hobbs was fined a record $150,000 by the State Board of Elections and yesterday he pleaded guilty to criminal charges associated with the donations.  He was fined $20,000 by the court and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.  Carter faced similar fines during his ordeal.  He paid a $100,000 SBOE fine and a $5,000 fine for the misdemeanor charge.  Both men were banned from making political donations for one year.

As a result of this fraud, exposed exclusively on Truth or Dare, both Basnight and Perdue have had to turn the illegal donations over to the state.  Basnight has turned over $193,000 and Perdue, $84,000.  Both Basnight and Perdue deny knowledge of the schemes.

Here’s a quick roundup of what led to Hobbs’ and Carters’ downfall:

Basnight Received $68,000 from Employees of Company Headed by Easely’s Frat Buddy

More Interesting Donations to Basnight

Pay to Play – Basnight Contributors Receive Millions in Grants from Agencies with Basnight Appointees

Basnight’s Contributions from Atlantic Corp Being Investigated

NCGOP Running Parallel Investigation into Basnight Contributions or Taking Credit for ToD’s Work?

Basnight Donations from Hobbs Upchurch Should be Investigated

♫♫♫ On the 2nd Day of Christmas Marc Basnight Gave to Me, Two Crooked Donors…♫♫♫