In a recent interview with WTKR, Republican Dare County Commissioner Mike Johnson declared, “I’m a conservative Republican and hate taxes…” Anyone familiar with Commissioner Johnson’s record on taxes would know that Johnson is taking a few liberties here. The record shows that Commissioner Mike Johnson has twice voted for County budgets that include property tax increases.

His first vote for a property tax increase came in 2006 when the property tax was raised 1 cent per $1,000 value. Then last year, Commissioner Mike Johnson voted for a 2 cent property tax increase. If this is how a conservative Republican governs, I’d hate to see what kind of increases we’d have if he was not conservative.

Will Johnson try and shore up his conservative bona-fides by opposing a tax increase this year?  I predict not.  I think he’ll try for one more tax increase to give himself a cushion for the 2012 budget.  Then in 2012, he’ll ‘get serious’ about cutting spending.  That’s when we’ll see his conservative side.  Until then, expect politics as usual.