The NC House has passed a bill that would require local school districts to crack down on the junk food they sell to the young skulls full of mush.  House Bill 503 forces local school boards to adopt either the Clinton Kraft Pepsi nutritional plan or the marginally tighter National Academies of Sciences nutritional plan for what are called ‘competitive foods’.  That’s snack food from the vending machines, school stores, etc… pretty much anything that is not part of the school breakfast or lunch program.  The bill passed the House today with much bi-partisan support and is on its way to the Senate.

This bill may have some positive impact on our students but this blogger thinks it really just nibbles around the edges of the problem.  It does not get to the heart of the problem and it continues to encourage schools to offer junk food, food which lies at the heart of the obesity problem in this country.

The Clinton/Pepsi/Kraft plan uses fluffy standards that Big Food can easily meet so they can continue to poison our young children with sugar.  That particular plan relies on recommendations from the American Heart Association, an organization that is still convinced that low-fat is the answer to good health despite recent scientific evidence that implicates sugar as the main culprit of the nation’s health problems.  The AHA is in bed with Big Food.  They’ve created all these low fat foods with tons of sugar and patted themselves on the back for it.  All the while, obesity rates have skyrocketed.  The Clinton/Pepsi/Kraft plan is light on meaningful reform.  The NAS, plan on the other hand, requires slightly stricter controls on sugar and puts more emphasis on whole grains.   On the whole, a better plan.  HB 503 gives schools the choice between the two.  With Big Food sponsoring one of them, you can bet that will be the one that most school boards adopt.  Once in, Big Food will dominate the snack food market in the schools, carving out yet another niche for their garbage.  Any kind of alliance like this between Big Government and Big Business never ends well for the end user (that’s us).

Even with the new standards, schools will continue to profit when children consume snack foods.  Schools make commissions on vending sales and profit from school store snack sales.  I have to ask.  Why do you suppose there are vending machines in schools?  Why are there school stores?   One reason:  they are profit centers.  Now, I’m all for profit, but not at the expense of the health of our youth.  School leaders have a responsibility, at a minimum, to do no harm.  Vending machines, school snack stores, they do harm.  Real harm.  Get rid of them.  There is absolutely no reason to have them inside the school.

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