At the next Commissioners’ meeting on Monday, June 6th, County Manage Bobby Outten proposes to nominate himself Nanny-in-Chief.  He plans to introduce a resolution to ban smoking on all public property including public buildings, public vehicles and any grounds owned, leased or occupied by the County.   This ban would apply to all employees, contractors and volunteers.  His proposal would also require certain county employees to confront offenders and advise them  to cease their deleterious activity.   Click here to download the proposed ban

Outten’s Crusade, according to Outer Banks Voice, is to save employees’ lives and health while saving the county money…’.  He said,

If they can’t smoke at work, maybe they will quit altogether

The ban will cover a lot of ground in Dare County since it applies to any grounds owned, leased or occupied by the County.   This will include all outdoor areas of any county related facility such as the detention center, airport,  waste and recycling facilities, parks,  and of course, all related parking lots.  The ban will apply to county vehicles including trash haulers and maintenance vehicles.

This is an incredibly bold assault on the the employees and citizens of Dare County.  I oppose this ban and will be asking all of the Commissioners to oppose it.  What do you think?

Email your thoughts on the ban to the Commissioners