North Carolina is one step closer to requiring a photo id at the polls. House Bill 351, Restoring Confidence in Government, passed a second reading yesterday in the House. Three readings are required for passage. The vote on the second reading was 67 to 53.  All Republicans voted in favor and all Democrats, including Tim Spear, voted against it.

A clear majority of North Carolinians support requiring a photo id to vote. Poll after poll confirms this; a December 2010 Civitas poll shows 83% support for the photo id requirement, including 73% of Democrats and 86% of Unaffiliated voters, an April 2011 Elon University poll shows 75% support for the same and a March 2011 Civitas poll found that 69% of voters believe showing photo id would improve the integrity and security of voting in NC.

A veto by Governor Perdue would clearly not be in her own best interest. The Civitas’ monthly polling in March showed that, among those who approve of Governor Perdue’s job performance, 43% said that a veto of this bill would make them less likely to vote for her again.

This bill will protect the integrity of every vote in North Carolina. Every illegal vote cast in the state dilutes every legal vote. The news is ripe with reports of fraudulent voter registrations submitted by ACORN and other leftist groups. One can safely bet that the purpose of said registrations is so that people can cast votes under those identities. In North Carolina, they can freely vote under those identities with impunity, with no one being the wiser. Leftists claim that the bill is unnecessary since no cases of voter fraud have been found in and NC and that this bill will disenfranchise voters. On the contrary, at a recent committee hearing it was reported that Representative Tim Moore noted that,

the courts have already ruled similar laws don’t disenfranchise anyone. As for few complaints of voter fraud Moore said that’s like saying if no tickets were written on I-40 today then no one was speeding.

This bill will be coming up for a third vote soon. Contact Tim Spear’s office and tell him what you think of his voting against this bill yesterday. Urge him to reconsider before the third and final vote. 919-715-3029