No thanks to Tim Spear, the NC House passed, and the Senate is now considering, a bill that would allow for the order of political parties listed on the ballot to rotate every four years. Current law provides that the order of the parties are alphabetical, resulting in Democrats always being listed first.

Spear was one of only fifteen Democrats to vote against this bill.   What good reason could there be for opposing this bill?  Was it because this change will make it too confusing for minorities, the poor and the elderly who are used to just selecting the first name in every race?  This blogger thinks not.  This looks more like payback to the Republicans who forced Spear to vote for the budget bill by threatening to toll the Ocracoke and Knotts Island ferries and cut off funding for the mid-Currituck bridge.  The bill was going to pass and Spear knew it.  This was just a chance for him to stick out his tongue at Republicans without consequence.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Spear is a ‘blue-dog’, or conservative Democrat, on account of his vote for the budget.  He’s not.  He’s as partisan as any Democrat in the General Assembly and this vote proves it.

Download HB 300 here