July 2011

With Bill Owens expected to retire in 2012, House District 1 will most likely fall into Republican hands next year.  Newly drawn House maps turn this district from a Democrat leaning (D+1) district into one that leans Republican.  The district encompasses Currituck, Camden, Perquimans, Chowan and parts of Pasquotank counties.  Given the strong Republican showing in the District in 2010, this should be an easy pickup for the GOP with the right candidate.  Among these seeking the seat are the popular columnist and former NC-2 House candidate Bob Steinburg and the polarizing former Chairman and current member of the Currituck County Board of Commissioners, J. Owen Etheridge.  At least two others are rumored to have some interest in the seat including perennial candidate Bill Lehmann of Pasquotank County and former NC-5 House candidate Matt Peeler of Perquimans County.

There can be little doubt that the strongest and most viable candidate is (more…)


Facing a political future made bleak by redistricting, Representative Tim Spear will soon have to make a decision.  Will he choose to run in District 6, his present home district, against a popular Democrat?  Will he change his residency to Dare County and run in District 3, potentially challenging his close political allies in Dare County?  Or will he call it quits?  For now, Spear is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Spear’s home county of Washington has been thrown into House District 6, a District currently represented by Bill Cook of Beaufort County.  Cook is a freshman Republican Representative, having defeated Democratic incumbent Arthur Williams in 2010 by a margin of 53/47.  The new district is comprised of Beaufort, Washington and Craven Counties.  While the old District 6 leaned Republican, it was ranked R+2 on the North Carolina Partisan Index, the new District 6 may be actually lean a little Democratic.  This sets up a potentially interesting scenario on the Democratic side;  (more…)