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Post by guest contributor Browny Douglas

NOW is the time for all REAL Americans to come to the defending rescue of their country! In the Communist Manifesto author Karl Marx lists the ten planks of core communism. The second one calls for a heavy progressive or graduated income tax. The following quote is taken from a writing by T Coleman Andrews, a past commissioner of the Internal Revenue (1953-1955) “The income tax is bad because it was conceived in class hatred, is an instrument of vengeance and plays right into the hands of the communists. I believe that a better way to raise revenue not only can be found but must be found because I am convinced that the present system is leading us right back to the very tyranny from which those, who established this land of freedom, risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to forever free themselves.” I believe for 56 years all indications are that his warning of concern has been substantiated.

Records currently indicate that our Congress is riddled with the enemies of freedom. Stated differently it is lacking of enough REAL Americans. The research shows that there are 70 plus members of Congress that associate themselves with the socialist party. Also there are 80 plus members of Congress that belong to the progressive caucus. The only difference that I can discern between communism, socialism, and progressivism, is that of spelling and pronunciation. The goal of all three, via stealth politics, is a one world government. It cannot be effectively argued to the contrary that the President of our United States is anything but a functioning offspring of and one that aids and abets all three of the aforementioned isms.

The founders knew and history has proven that individual liberty was dependent on a system of free market enterprise with the economy being driven by supply and demand. The Constitution authorized Congress to coin money, with specified weights. It did not authorize anyone to print money. The anchoring reason for that was to avoid the inevitability of corruption that would spawn mediums of exchange with no value of redemption. Also the founders were well aware of the historic WOES of direct taxation (income tax) on the citizenry and planned against such. In the 1800’s two such attempts to permanently violate that specific wisdom were successfully thwarted by the power of the people. In 1913 this changed for the worse. Ever since, the people’s failure to correctly exercise that power has depicted the missing link that has led to the financial chaos that exists today. Fiat money (money by decree) and the income tax ARE THE PROBLEM. The “money scientists” print it. With huge interest WE REPAY IT. Does CONTROL come to mind?

A “cabal” is defined as a group of conspirators. Secretly in 1910 on Jekyll Island in South Carolina six of the world’s shrewdest bankers plus one U.S. Senator contrived the financial mechanism they named the Federal Reserve System. For them such a central banking system was intended to end their fierce competitiveness and instead meld their efforts to control ALL of the money. But to do so they needed to control congress. The trick was to get Congress to give consent to their scheme. The bait used was the reintroduction of an income tax. This served three purposes. First, it served as a shield of camouflage to divert public attention away from the cabal. Second, it served as the punching bag that Congress would need to focus and retain the public’s attention on itself. Lastly, a perpetual income tax code (currently 72,534 pages) would serve as a job insurance policy that too many politicians correctly envisioned as power and strength toward their personal gain. In February of 1913 the 16th Amendment passed by Congress gave it the power to lay taxes on all income regardless of source. In December of 1913 the official creation of the Federal Reserve was congressionally authorized. At that juncture in time a cabal and the Congress of the United States were in business together. The people’s economic liberty was confiscated. The plan, the enemy of FREEDOM, has now shackled the people and violated constitutional principles for 98 years.

I am now SCREAMING at you, the public! How much longer will the intelligent people of this country allow themselves to be jerked around like a bunch of fools? The answer is just as long as we remain the fools that we are! Just as long as we are passively content to be enslaved by a tax system that favors no one except the “money scientists” of the central banks that comprise the Federal Reserve, who print the money AND the soured elected officials that are needed to assist them. I relax the SCREAMING.

America is at war with those that have opposing values and detrimental intentions for the future of America. Good people must coalesce. Congress is under siege and must be rescued and cleansed at the voting booth. The present administration must be replaced. Original constitutional principles must be restored. The 16th Amendment must be repealed. That will negate the confiscatory police powers of the IRS. A flat national consumption tax at the point of purchase must be implemented to completely REPLACE the income tax code.

A better way, that T Coleman Andrews alluded to, has been found! It is specified in the FairTax Act (HR-25 S-13). Except for the 69 cosponsors of the act itself, the Congress and their lobbyist cronies are petrified of it. “Politicians don’t give power away. It has to be taken from them. The FairTax would constitute the biggest transfer of power from politicians to the people since the beginning of this country.”

You ARE NOT being asked to risk your lives; they are already at risk as well as those yet to be born. You ARE being asked to engage your intellect by joining the volunteer movement at You ARE being asked to be the REAL Americans that you are supposed to be.

Browny Douglas
Wanchese, NC

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