September 2011

Democrat Republican Congressman Walter Jones has come out in support of a key part of President Obama’s so-called Jobs Bill.  In a September 16th interview, Jones voiced strong support for Obama’s proposal to spend billions more taxpayer dollars on infrastructure projects.

From the Sept 16th interview:

Focusing on infrastructure and his thoughts on President Obama’s job plan, to put people back to work, repairing things like bridges, the congressman notes he would be willing to support investing in infrastructure:

“I do believe that if you have an investment of the tax payer’s money into infrastructure and nothing but infrastructure, I think that is what we should support because the American people can see the work being done on our road, our bridges, our water systems and things like that. Then when you can show the American people look how we’re spending your money and look how you benefit from the spendingThey buy into that.  I would.  You would.”

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In a recent interview, Walter Jones expressed support for a potential third-party presidential candidate in 2012 should any of the top tier Republican candidates get the nomination.

While third party challengers have only ever been spoilers, from Teddy Roosevelt to Ralph Nader to Ross Perot, Jones expressed hope that a well-known, well-funded person would mount an independent bid.

“I think that the environment, the atmosphere is gonna be conducive for a third party candidate if those who are leading the ticket Republican and Mr. Obama, if that’s gonna be the choices, I think that’s gonna be a third party person that’s probably already started talking to people.”

When asked if any Republican President wouldn’t change our trajectory significantly, Jones evaded the question. (more…)