Liberal Democrat Art Williams of Beaufort County is reportedly going to change his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican in an attempt to win the State Senate seat currently held by Democrat Stan White of Dare County.

The Washington Daily News is reporting that Art Williams will hold a press conference on October 18th to make a ‘political announcement’.  Williams refused to state the nature of the announcement, saying only

“I know the word’s, I guess, getting out about what I’m going to do.  They’re doing a formal press conference. I’ve got people in Raleigh that’s handling it. I’ll let them handle it.”

Based on Williams’ comments, it is clear that top Republican Party officials in Raleigh somehow see this as a good move and are supporting Williams in this effort.  Knowing that true conservatives in eastern North Carolina would never accept a liberal jack-ass wearing an elephant suit into their ranks, party officials bypassed the local party leadership and planned this move in secret, hoping that once the deal was done, they’d accept Mr. Williams as one of their own.

This plot to trick the Republicans of eastern North Carolina, and Dare County in particular, smacks of good-ol’ boy cronyism and clearly reflects the Party leadership’s disdain for counties east of I-95.  This conservative blogger finds the whole affair offensive and plans to continue to expose the details of the plot as they unfold.

Williams is a former State House Representative from District 6 who was dismissed from office in 2010 by voters frustrated with his liberal voting record (Civitas gave Williams a Conservative Effectiveness ranking of 10 [out of 100] in 2010).  Republican Bill Cook of Beaufort County defeated Williams 53 to 47 in 2010 to take the House District 6 seat.  Williams then lobbied for the Senate District 1 seat vacated by Marc Basnight in 2011 only to be rejected by his party in favor of Democrat Stan White.  Having been rejected by both Democratic voters in his district and by the leaders of his own Democratic Party, Williams sees his only path back to public office through the Republican Party.  That path goes right through Dare County.  Senate 1 consists of nine eastern North Carolina counties, with Dare and Beaufort Counties containing the largest concentrations of Republican primary voters in the district.  That means that Williams’ victory can only be secured if Republican primary voters in eastern North Carolina stick their collective head in the sand and accept this RINO as one of their own.