Northeast North Carolina’s most prominent party switcher, Democrat  Republican Congressman Walter Jones told the Beaufort Observer this weekend in Greenville, that he plans to attend the party switch announcement of liberal Democrat Arthur Williams on October 18th.  With no backing from local party leaders, the political elite in Raleigh are hoping Jumpin’ Jones’ presence at the announcement will add credibility to Awful Arthur’s switch.

Much like the political landscape in 1994 that prompted Jones to switch parties, 2012 promises to be a monumental year for Republicans.  Awful Arthur wants to capitalize on the shifting political sands in much the same way Jumpin’ Jones did.  While he voted conservatively for a few years in the 1990, Jones no longer pretends to be conservative.  In 2010, Jones voted with the Democrats so many times that he was rated the 6th most liberal Republican in the House according to American Cosnervative Union ratings.

Finding themselves unelectable in the party with which they truly identify, these political opportunists will twist themselves into contortions to try and point out their conservative street creds. We can expect to see Williams and the political elite in Raleigh try to brush over Williams’ liberal voting record and paint him as a conservative Democrat.  Unfortunately for him, his voting record bears out his liberal leanings.  He voted in lockstep with the Democrats in the General Assembly time and time again.  You can see his votes on the most important issues at Civitas Action.

This switch is political opportunism on display.  The Republican elite in North Carolina would love to have another lackey they can call their own.  Jones said it perfectly himself when he told the Beaufort Observer this weekend,

“I would certainly support anyone [emphasis mine] switching from Democrat to Republican”.

Never mind whether they support Republican principles, or not.

This upcoming press conference will be nothing more than political theater.  No one will be fooled into thinking Arthur Williams is conservative.  Wearing a red coat does not a conservative make.  Just ask Walter Jones’ constituents.