December 2011

Walter Jones’ campaign is having to dig deep to try and showcase their candidate’s former conservative credentials.  Recent Facebook posts labeled ‘From the Archives‘ show two photos of a young Walter Jones with conservative stalwart Senator Jesse Helms nearly 20 years ago.   That was then.  This is now.  Let’s get a little more current, shall we?

Cut and Run

“Cut and Run” Jones with progressive left-winger Dennis Kucinich. Jones voted for Kucinich’s articles of impeachment against Bush in 2008. Jones also voted numerous times with Kucinich and Pelosi to pull out of Iraq long before the job was done.

Support for Dodd-Frank

Jones voted for the the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Bill

Support for Obama Proposal

Jones supports Obama’s plan to spend even more money on infrastructure projects

Censure of Joe Wilson

Jones voted to censure Joe Wilson for shouting ‘You lie!’ during Obama’s State of the Union speech

Against Drilling

Sarah Palin was known during the 2008 Presidential campaign for her strong support for drilling, often telling the crowds to “Drill, Baby, Drill!”  Jones voted against drilling off the Atlantic coast and voted NO on a bill to lift Obama’ moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf.

No to Economic Prosperity

Jones voted against Paul Ryan’s budget, “The Path to Prosperity”

Let’s retire Walter Jones and elect someone who will be a real conservative leader, Frank Palombo

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Under heavy fire for orchestrating a so-called ‘hunting program’ for selected youths on county property using appropriated county equipment, Commissioner Mike Johnson has now been found to have been using the power of his office to solicit donations for a religious organization.  Johnson used his county email account to promote and solicit donations for Cross Trail Outfitters (CTO), a Christian based hunting and fishing club, with which he is affiliated.  This is in clear violation of county policy, state ethical standards and plain old common sense.

Johnson’s public promotion of  CTO, began as early as Feb 2010.  County records indicate there are at least 2,000 emails between 2010 and 2011 that were either to or from Commissioner Mike Johnson’s county e-mail account that either related to his work with CTO or contained the following signature block: (more…)

Don’t let the Dare Dems fool you into believing they are conservative

A picture is worth a thousand words

Warren Judge at Dem Rally supporting Obama

Dare County Commission Chairman Warren Judge at the Dare Democrats' 2012 Election Kickoff Banquet

Yes, they did fundamentally transform America

Bid on Obama Pic

Great stocking stuffer idea!

The Washington Daily News is reporting that Beaufort County Republican Wayne Langston will run for the Senate District 1 seat.  The 42 year old Washington resident made the announcement yesterday.

The seat is currently occupied by Democrat and Basnight-crony Stan White of Dare County.  White was appointed to the seat after Basnight retired not unexpectedly in January.  The battle over who would succeed Basnight was contentious but ultimately White prevailed.  His chief opponent was party-lackey Arthur Williams of Beaufort County who was so angered by his loss that he switched parties and now calls himself a Republican.  This blogger has reason to believe that Williams will soon announce (more…)

The allegedly non-partisan OBX Chamber of Commerce is now posting Democratic Party political events on their website.  The recent Dare County Democratic Party Social was posted on the Chamber’s Event Calendar.

Truth or Dare is wondering how posting events for the Dare Dems fits in with the mission of the Chamber which is,

Promoting and developing the economic prosperity of our business community through leadership, advocacy, relationship development and innovation.

I suppose the thinking is that if you’re not a registered Democrat in Dare County, your chances of economic prosperity, leadership and relationship development will be limited.  Therefore (more…)

Eye on Dare is reporting that Democrat Tim Spear will not seek a seat in the North Carolina General Assembly in 2012.  Spear, the current Representative in District 2, was drawn into a new House district last year, District 6, which was already represented by Republican Bill Cook.

Spear was facing a tough bid in House District 6 and may not have liked his chances of success.  The newly redrawn District 6 includes Dare, Hyde, Washington and portions of Beaufort counties.  Mr. Cook (more…)