The allegedly non-partisan OBX Chamber of Commerce is now posting Democratic Party political events on their website.  The recent Dare County Democratic Party Social was posted on the Chamber’s Event Calendar.

Truth or Dare is wondering how posting events for the Dare Dems fits in with the mission of the Chamber which is,

Promoting and developing the economic prosperity of our business community through leadership, advocacy, relationship development and innovation.

I suppose the thinking is that if you’re not a registered Democrat in Dare County, your chances of economic prosperity, leadership and relationship development will be limited.  Therefore the Chamber must promote the Democratic Party to their members to ensure that members have access to all of the economic opportunities available on the beach.

With the leadership of the Chamber firmly in the hands of the Democrats, this is a not-too subtle hint to non-Democrats in Dare County that it’s time to get back in line.  The Dems have had enough of this Tea Party business and they are trying to re-assert their dominion over the County.

The Current Chamber is led by Robin Mann, twice-defeated Democratic candidate for Commissioner.  The Community Affiairs Department is headed by Tess Judge, wife of Democratic Commissioner Warren Judge.

Here’s a snapshot of the page.  The link above will not work after they take the post down.  Truth or Dare will have it here so that it’s never forgotten.

Listing of Democratic Party Event on OBX Chamber of Commerce website