The Washington Daily News is reporting that Beaufort County Republican Wayne Langston will run for the Senate District 1 seat.  The 42 year old Washington resident made the announcement yesterday.

The seat is currently occupied by Democrat and Basnight-crony Stan White of Dare County.  White was appointed to the seat after Basnight retired not unexpectedly in January.  The battle over who would succeed Basnight was contentious but ultimately White prevailed.  His chief opponent was party-lackey Arthur Williams of Beaufort County who was so angered by his loss that he switched parties and now calls himself a Republican.  This blogger has reason to believe that Williams will soon announce plans to seek the Senate 1 seat, setting up a primary between him and Langston and possibly others.

White appears extremely vulnerable having raised ZERO dollars in the first half of 2011.  He had to loan his campaign $10,000 just to keep it afloat.  His cash on-hand as of June 30th was $2,500.

Senate 1 was redrawn by the General Assembly  but looks pretty much the same as it has for the past decade.  The only change is the addition of Perquimans County.  White commented to the Washington Daily News that the district had been redrawn to exclude Washington and Tyrrell counties.  A quick look at the map, which can be found on the General Assembly’s Redistricting website, indicates that White is so out of touch that he doesn’t even know which counties are in the new district. and is slightly more Republican that the old district.  Below is the new map.  This blogger apologizes for posting the wrong map previously and for stating that Senator White had the counties wrong.