The new year has dawned and with the new year comes new infringements on our liberties and more of our money being flushed away, courtesy of our Democrat Republican Congressman Walter B. Jones.  Effective January 1st, light bulb makers can no longer sell 100 watt bulbs that do not meet the government’s arbitrary and capricious standards.  This ban is the result of a bill passed in 2007 called the Energy Security and Independence Act, a big-government bill supported by Walter Jones.  In addition to banning light bulbs, Walter voted to give away millions of taxpayer dollars for green-job training and solar energy research.

Oh, but wait, didn’t Walter vote to repeal the light bulb ban?  He tweeted that we’ll be ‘happy to know’ that he voted to ‘repeal the light bulb regs’.  So he was for the bill before he was against it?  Sound familiar?

A vote for this bill was a vote to centralize power in Washington, a vote to let Washington choose winners and losers, a vote against the free market economy and a vote against consumer choice.

Here’s a snippet of what Heritage had to say about this destructive bill:

All of these mandates have unintended consequences that their advocates fail to foresee, including increased energy use.  If consumers want a product, the market is capable of providing it.

When the government picks winners and losers, it reduces the incentive for companies to innovate and increases the incentive for companies to lobby the government for special handouts and protections. When the government creates specific mandates and regulations, it purposely narrows the path businesses can take. These policies distort normal market forces and encourage government dependence.

You can run Walter, but you cannot hide from your big-government votes.  Like they used to tell us in school, “This is going on your permanent record!”