May 2012

If you think our schools in North Carolina need a ‘fundamental transformation’ away from the progressive liberal framework to one that is based on the fundamentals of learning and empowering parents, then you need to be prepared to cast your vote on July 17th in the runoff election for the Republican candidate for DPI (Department of Public Instruction) Superintendent.  It is absolutely critical that we take our schools back from the progressives.  So many young minds have already been indoctrinated.  We need to reverse course soon or all may be lost.  An educated vote on July 17th is the right place to start.

The Daily Haymaker posted an informative piece, today, on one of the Republican candidates, John Tedesco.  Mr. Tedesco won the primary on May 8th but will face the 2nd place finisher in the runoff election.

From The Daily Haymaker:

John Tedesco, a member of the Wake County School Board, and educator Richard Alexander will face off in a runoff election for the right to face incumbent NC Department of Public Instruction superintendent June Atkinson in November.

Tedesco says current discussions about public education are missing the mark:

“Per-pupil expenditures is the wrong paradigm on education spending.  There is this perpetual call for more and more money.  Over the past thirty years, education spending hasTRIPLED while outcomes have flat-lined.  The money to get the job done is already there.  We need to refocus the discussion toward using the money we have WISER. ‘’

On his campaign web site, Tedesco outlines a “4×4 structural plan” – which focuses on areas such as (1) building a better educated workforce, (2) protecting, developing and empowering teachers, (3) reinforcing the basics and innovating forward, and (4) empowering parents and strengthening communities – that he plans to use as an agenda for his tenure as state schools superintendent.

Tedesco says public education is in need of serious reform:

“We’ve got a lot of junk going on in the classroom. We’ve got bureaucrats in one county talking about how many chicken nuggets a kid has.  In another county, we’ve got a teacher screaming at her kids about being arrested for criticizing Obama.  While all of this is going on, two-thirds of kids who graduate from North Carolina high schools and go on to community college need remedial instruction.  We need to make sure that a high school diploma actually means something in North Carolina.  We’ve got to get back to the basics in the classroom while continuing to innovate.’’

Tedesco says the successes of the Wake County public schools, where he is serving on the school board, are a model for the rest of the state.   Continue reading at The Daily Haymaker


The Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina will start an official chapter on the Outer Banks tonight at 6:30pm at the library in KDH.  I encourage Tea Partiers across the Outer Banks and eastern North Carolina, and all those who care deeply about the future of our nation, to attend and join this caucus.  The cost to join, normally $45 in annual dues, has been reduced to $15 for this inaugural period.

Now some of you will say, wait, hold on.  Isn’t “Liberty Caucus” code for Ron Paul supporters?  Yes and no.  I concede that, yes, a faction of liberty-minded people have co-opted the term “Liberty” here on the Outer Banks and that they are the driving force behind this new chapter.  However, I cannot concede the term “Liberty” to anyone that would exclude people like me and the founders of Outer Banks Tea Party and others who consider themselves Tea Partiers, from participating in an organization who advocates for personal liberty through the vehicle known as the Republican Party.

The Tea Party movement was started here on the Outer Banks by two patriotic and liberty-loving individuals, Mattie Lawson and Bryan Oroson.  They worked tirelessly and selflessly over the years since its inception to promote the cause of liberty, through the Tea Party and through the Republican Party.  They recognized that the Republican Party was the best vehicle for promoting the cause of liberty.  They re-invogorated the local GOP and encouraged many others to join the cause, including this blogger.  Newcomers like me and Carole Warnecki encouraged still more others, like Jeremy Adams and Shawn Daniels and Tonya Byrum, and those newcomers encouraged still more others.  And so on and so on and so on.  Which brings us to where we are today.  The Outer Banks is a hotbed for liberty.  All this growth, though, has resulted in natural divisions; divisions driven by human nature, exuberance and love for our nation and the principles upon which it was founded.  (more…)

David Williams, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina (RLC NC), today praised Mattie Lawson for her positions on a range of issues, calling her ‘impressive’.  At the same time, he rebuked Jeremy Adams for his endorsement of Arthur Williams.  The criticism of Adams was particularly sharp since the RLC NC endorsed Adams in the first primary.  They have not yet endorsed a candidate in the runoff.

Speaking of Ms. Lawson in a Facebook post, the Chairman of the RLC NC, said,

“Mattie Lawson has put herself out there on a range of issues in a way that Arthur Williams has not.  From property rights, to Agenda 21 to the NDAA and taxes she has impressed me.”

The Chairman had harsh words for both Arthur Williams and Jeremy Adams who endorsed Williams.  In a Facebook exchange with Mr. Adams, the Chairman (more…)

The race for NC State Auditor took a bizarre turn this week when 2nd place finisher Greg Dority announced that he would not call for a runoff with primary winner Debra Goldman.  His announcement came two days after third-place finisher Fern Shurbert endorsed him, with the understanding that there would be a runoff.  After the announcement, Shubert unloaded on Dority and the GOP bosses who pull the strings in Raleigh in an op-ed at Beaufort County Now.

Editor’s note:  This article originally appeared in on Beaufort County Now and is re-printed here with the author’s permission.

Who got to Dority?

If the leaders of the Republican Party took the same approach to the AG race that they took in the race for State Auditor, I understand why Roy Cooper is unopposed. The first official reaction to my filing to run for State Auditor was a phone call from a Republican party officer, acting on a request from “someone farther up the political food chain,” asking me to drop out of that race.

Why would anyone in the leadership of the NC Republican Party want the Auditor candidate with the best chance to win in the fall to drop out?  I’m sure those responsible, when identified, will claim they acted for the good of the party, but after the party’s failure to field an opponent for Roy Cooper, that just doesn’t wash.  Had I dropped out, that would have left three people in the race, two non-CPAs and a CPA who had help hiding his ties to Larry Leake and Roy Cooper. (And that’s another much bigger story.) (more…)

Jeremy Adams continued his tirade yesterday against his former opponent, Mattie Lawson, questioning her Christian faith.  In comments posted on this very site, Adams called Lawson a “Christian in Name Only”.

Truth or Dare finds these attacks on Ms. Lawson’s faith reprehensible.  Who is Mr. Adams to think he knows what is in someone’s heart, God?   Does Arthur Williams condone these kinds of personal attacks on his opponent’s Christian faith?

Adams went on to invoke Ronald Reagan to defend RINO Arthur Williams’ opportunistic party switch, saying, (more…)

Today, Jeremy Adams endorsed his one-time political opponent, Arthur Williams, for NC House.  Six weeks ago, Jeremy Adams shared the same low opinion that most Republicans have of Arthur Williams.  Take a look:

Over the past six weeks, Arthur Williams has not changed.  He’s still a serious RINO, a four-time Democratic legislator and a tax hiker.  He’s still taking advantage of the Republican majority.  He’ s still not well liked nor is he fiscally conservative.  So one has to wonder, what’s changed?   (more…)

Truth or Dare has learned that Ashley Woolard and Bill Tarpenning have signed on to manage the campaign of long-time Democrat loyalist Arthur Williams.  Woolard is the former Chair of the Beaufort County Republican Party, a former Republican candidate for Congress and the newly-elected Republican Presidential Elector from North Carolina’s 3rd District.  News of the announcement stunned party members and activists across eastern North Carolina, many of whom voted for Woolard to represent them at the Electoral College in the upcoming Presidential election and who now feel betrayed.

Williams, who served four terms in the General Assembly, was a lifelong Democrat who switched parties in 2011 and is now running as a Republican for the NC-6 House seat.  Williams is up against GOP stalwart Mattie Lawson of Dare County in the race.  Lawson is popular in Republican circles for her steadfast support of conservative values and her dedicated work on behalf of the Republican Party.  Lawson bested Williams and a third challenger, Jeremy Adams, in the primary on May 8th but did not earn enough votes to avoid a runoff.   Lawson and Williams are set to face each other in the July 17th runoff election.

Williams’ party-switch in 2011 angered local Republicans who quickly saw through the charade.  It was clear from the outset that Williams had an agenda and that he was being encouraged by Republican Party leaders in Raleigh (more…)

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