Brace yourself for another round of robo-calls and political junk mail.  The crowded field of Republican candidates has resulted in the need for a runoff election or what’s officially called a second primary.  In North Carolina, a second primary can be requested by a second place finisher if no one person in the race received a plurality of the votes (read the statute here).  With the Republicans coming out of the closet in North Carolina and running for office in unprecedented numbers, there were many races in which voters could not settle on the best candidate, resulting in the potential for a runoff.

The races which qualify for the second primary on the Dare County Republican ballot are listed below
and are posted on my Elections 2012 page. I’ll post more on each of these individual races in the coming days and weeks.  OBX Tea Party may even host some of the candidates in the very near future. Pay particular attention to the race for State House District 6, our district.  Mattie Lawson will be going up against RINO Art Williams in the runoff.

The second primary will be held on Tuesday, July 17th, with early voting starting on Thursday, June 28th. It is so important that you turn out for this runoff election.  Turnout is typically dismal in runoff elections which means that your vote will carry even more weight;  it could be the one vote that decides the election for some of these candidates. 

Download Candidate List 

Lieutenant Governor – Republican


Secretary of State – Republican


State Auditor – Republican


Superintendent of Public Instruction


State Insurance Commissioner


NC House District 6