In a defiant move, the Dare County Republican Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse Mattie Lawson in the race for NC House District 6.  Ms. Lawson will undoubtedly face Arthur Williams in a runoff election for the Republican nomination on July 17th.

Citing Williams’ lifetime devotion to the Democratic party up until just last year when he opportunistically switched parties and became a RINO, Chairman Pat Patterson voiced his full support for the motion. The resolution and motion were brought by Nags Head Precinct Chair George Embrey who cited Ms. Lawson’s devotion to Republican Party ideals and her loyalty to the local, district and state Republican Party.

Some party members objected to the motion, including Jeremy Adams, saying it was against party rules.  Mr. Adams was a candidate for NC-6 and came in 3rd in the primary behind Ms. Lawson and Mr. Williams.  After a heated discussion on the matter, the motion was carried unanimously by the Executive Committee.  It remains to be seen if Mr. Adams’ supporters will throw their support behind Mr. Williams out of spite, if they will support Ms. Lawson, a candidate who is more closely aligned with their ideals or if they will simply stay home.   Already, Facebook supporters of Mr. Adams show some inclination toward supporting the RINO.