Today, Jeremy Adams endorsed his one-time political opponent, Arthur Williams, for NC House.  Six weeks ago, Jeremy Adams shared the same low opinion that most Republicans have of Arthur Williams.  Take a look:

Over the past six weeks, Arthur Williams has not changed.  He’s still a serious RINO, a four-time Democratic legislator and a tax hiker.  He’s still taking advantage of the Republican majority.  He’ s still not well liked nor is he fiscally conservative.  So one has to wonder, what’s changed?  

Jeremy Adams has changed.  The sting of defeat and the rejection he faced within his local party must have been too much to bear.  He’s cast his lot with Woolard and Tarpenning.  The once-promising up-and-coming political newcomer has sold his political soul.

When asked today about Adams’ endorsement, Mattie Lawson responded, 

“I salute Jeremy’s service to the country in wartime but am concerned that he may not have lived here long enough to know how truly destructive Arthur Williams’ liberal voting record was in the NC General Assembly while he was a legislator.  Your readers don’t have to take my word for it but merely check out Civitas Actions’ voting rating for Williams at   Williams held this seat as a life-long Democrat when he earned an “F” rating each year for 2008, 2009 and 2010.   He consistently failed to support and vote for conservative issues.   I am the true conservative in the race and voters who want less burdensome taxes, fewer excessive regulations threatening our existing jobs and the freedom to use their own private property will vote for Mattie Lawson in the July 17th runoff.”