Jeremy Adams continued his tirade yesterday against his former opponent, Mattie Lawson, questioning her Christian faith.  In comments posted on this very site, Adams called Lawson a “Christian in Name Only”.

Truth or Dare finds these attacks on Ms. Lawson’s faith reprehensible.  Who is Mr. Adams to think he knows what is in someone’s heart, God?   Does Arthur Williams condone these kinds of personal attacks on his opponent’s Christian faith?

Adams went on to invoke Ronald Reagan to defend RINO Arthur Williams’ opportunistic party switch, saying,

“many people in the liberty movement are former Democrats.  Jesse Helms.  Ronald Reagan.”

There are no parallels between Ronald Reagan and Arthur Williams.   None.  Reagan came of age in a time when conservatism was on the rise.  For many years, he spoke out as a leader in the budding conservative movement and his conservative values were founded on rock solid beliefs based on a thorough understanding of the history of human nature.

Arthur Williams is no Ronald Reagan.  To invoke one to defend the other would probably even make Arthur Williams blush.