David Williams, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina (RLC NC), today praised Mattie Lawson for her positions on a range of issues, calling her ‘impressive’.  At the same time, he rebuked Jeremy Adams for his endorsement of Arthur Williams.  The criticism of Adams was particularly sharp since the RLC NC endorsed Adams in the first primary.  They have not yet endorsed a candidate in the runoff.

Speaking of Ms. Lawson in a Facebook post, the Chairman of the RLC NC, said,

“Mattie Lawson has put herself out there on a range of issues in a way that Arthur Williams has not.  From property rights, to Agenda 21 to the NDAA and taxes she has impressed me.”

The Chairman had harsh words for both Arthur Williams and Jeremy Adams who endorsed Williams.  In a Facebook exchange with Mr. Adams, the Chairman called Arthur Williams voting record during his years in the General Assembly ‘atrocious’ and called his recent conversion to  Republicanism ‘suspect’.  He characterized Williams as a ‘Basnight-boy’ with a history of doing ‘what he’s been told’.  Lawson, on the other hand, he said, “has an independent streak and speaks her mind.”

Telling Adams that he was ‘sorely mistaken’ about his claims of Lawson being the ‘establishment’ candidate,  Chairman Williams chastised Adams for attacking Lawson and alienating the very people that the Republican Liberty Caucus is trying to reach.

“You’re sorely mistaken about Lawson being establishment.  To be sure she’s got strong local party support, but the establishment figure here is Williams not Lawson…By publicly endorsing him [Arthur Williams] and attacking Lawson you are (fatally?) hurting yourself with the constituency you should be reaching out to the most.

Click to enlarge. Facebook exchange between RLC NC Chairman David Williams and former NC6 House candidate Jeremy Adams.