The Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina will start an official chapter on the Outer Banks tonight at 6:30pm at the library in KDH.  I encourage Tea Partiers across the Outer Banks and eastern North Carolina, and all those who care deeply about the future of our nation, to attend and join this caucus.  The cost to join, normally $45 in annual dues, has been reduced to $15 for this inaugural period.

Now some of you will say, wait, hold on.  Isn’t “Liberty Caucus” code for Ron Paul supporters?  Yes and no.  I concede that, yes, a faction of liberty-minded people have co-opted the term “Liberty” here on the Outer Banks and that they are the driving force behind this new chapter.  However, I cannot concede the term “Liberty” to anyone that would exclude people like me and the founders of Outer Banks Tea Party and others who consider themselves Tea Partiers, from participating in an organization who advocates for personal liberty through the vehicle known as the Republican Party.

The Tea Party movement was started here on the Outer Banks by two patriotic and liberty-loving individuals, Mattie Lawson and Bryan Oroson.  They worked tirelessly and selflessly over the years since its inception to promote the cause of liberty, through the Tea Party and through the Republican Party.  They recognized that the Republican Party was the best vehicle for promoting the cause of liberty.  They re-invogorated the local GOP and encouraged many others to join the cause, including this blogger.  Newcomers like me and Carole Warnecki encouraged still more others, like Jeremy Adams and Shawn Daniels and Tonya Byrum, and those newcomers encouraged still more others.  And so on and so on and so on.  Which brings us to where we are today.  The Outer Banks is a hotbed for liberty.  All this growth, though, has resulted in natural divisions; divisions driven by human nature, exuberance and love for our nation and the principles upon which it was founded. 

Discussion and debate among those who disagree on policy is good.  But the in-fighting here has taken an ugly turn with lots of name-calling the creation of factions.  This blogger has been subjected to insults and name-calling (“war-mongerer” and “hater of the Constitution” are frequent refrains) from people with whom I share the same core beliefs;  the belief that the best system for mankind to live under involves the promotion of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise.  Many of these name-callers have co-opted the term “Liberty” and sought to exclude those who do not agree with them on every issue.  After much deliberation, I’ve concluded that I cannot concede the term “Liberty” to anyone.  I love liberty as much as any Tea Partier on the Outer Banks.  I love our Country, I revere our founding documents and I will never stop fighting for our cause.  This is why I have decided to attend the inaugural meeting of the Outer Banks Republican Liberty Caucus.  Take a look at the mission of Republican Liberty Caucus and see if you don’t agree with it.  If you do, I expect to see you tonight at the library in KDH at 6:30pm