Speaker Tillis is ready to cave on the Voter ID bill and thereby introduce chaos into our election process. The News & Observer is reporting that House leaders are working on a compromise to HB 351 that would allow voters to show any one of a number of documents to prove their identity at the polls.  This is being done to swing a few Democrats over to our side.  Once we open the door to allowing utility bills and bank statements to stand in place of a true voter id, though, we open the door to pandora’s box.  The consequences of this bill will become evident on November 6th, when it will be too late.

Documents like bank statements and utility bills can be easily forged.  Easily.  Like many politicians, Speaker Tillis and other legislators may be wholly disconnected from the reality of today’s technology. These documents offer no measure of security and will give us a false sense that we have a voter id requirement. It will make it that much harder to pass a true voter id bill.  And introducing these documents into the polling place where a poll worker will examine them makes the entire concept laughable. Poll workers are not trained document experts.  Their job is to keep the line moving.  This compromise will introduce legal challenges at the polling place all day long and throw our state into chaos on November 6th.

Republicans leaders claim that they need to offer concessions in order to garner enough Democratic votes to override Perdue’s veto.  We are better off with no bill, though, than a compromise like the one being proposed.   This grand bargain will have far reaching effects on November 6th and will be the undoing of Republicans.  Legal challenges will abound on November 6th as Democratic lawyers descend on the state to watch poll workers as they try and figure out if document is acceptable as voter id.  Polling places will get backed up. Poll workers will become confused, frustrated and angry.  Voters will become discouraged. This is a recipe for disaster.

Tell Speaker Tillis and your Representative that we need a real voter id bill.  Tell them NOT to compromise on HB 351.

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