It pays to be a high-level County employee in Dare County. According to a 2009 UNC School of Government Report, our top administrators are some of the highest paid in the state, earning comparable salaries to administrators in some of the biggest counties.

Board of Elections:

The Board of Elections Director in Dare County is the 9th highest paid in the state (out of 100), earning $76,496.

Counties with similar cost of living indices and/or populations pay their Board of Elections Directors considerably less.  For instance, Macon County has an identical population and cost of living index yet pays their BoE Director 47% less.


Finance Director:

Dare County’s Finance Director is the 4th highest paid in the state, earning a salary of $141,285, more than the Finance Directors in Wake and Durham counties.

Comparable counties pay significantly less:


These trends are evident throughout our County government.  Here are some of our highest paid administrators and where they rank in the state

HR Director – 7th highest paid

Planning Director – 3rd highest paid

IT Director – 9th highest paid

Register of Deeds – 12th highest paid

Parks & Rec Director – 3rd highest paid

EMS Director – 3rd highest paid

Fire Marshall – 9th highest paid

And to make it all the more breathtaking, Dare is one of about 20 counties that has a 37.5 hour workweek.

As our County leaders look for places to trim the fat in the upcoming budget, these staggeringly high salaries are a good place to start.


Cost of living data
Population Data
2009 Salary Data (A 2010 Salary Report is available but, shamefully, Dare County did not respond to the 2010 UNC survey request.  LInk to 2012 survey)