usa-birthday-bannerThe Colington Yacht Club, I’m told, voted not to host an Independence Day parade in the harbor this year. Patriotic sailors, boaters and kayakers, nonetheless, took to the water and showed their love for this great country and celebrated Independence Day, just as they do every year.  As we battle for our freedoms in this country from a tyrannical ruling class, we have to look no further than our own backyard to see an example of Americans pulling together to do what they do best, all without the hand of big brother telling them when, how and where to do it.

Rosie Hawthorne, of the local blog Kitchens are Monkey Business, shot some great video (below the fold)  and the other half of Truth or Dare provided the context.  Enjoy!

This Fourth of July parade was an impromptu parade, unlike the previous years’ organized parades. The Colington Yacht Club board members voted not to organize the parade this year due to some silly complaints from lasts year’s parade. Instead, patriotic boaters from Colington and as far away as Wanchese, all somehow organized into a parade without a fuddy-duddy formal body and we all enjoyed participating in our Fourth of July Boat Parade!

George Litwin was the first boat out, followed by a small powerboat (each all decked out with American Flags!), followed by me, then the big red trawler named Lucky Red. I’m on the Epic surfski that you see zipping by at 1:58 in the second video.

After just a couple of turns around the main harbor, a huge number of boats, all displaying American flags and banners, were powering about the harbor, splashing and spraying each other with water!  The scene looked like a re-enactment of the many sea battles we fought in the Revolutionary War for the struggle for our independence from a tyrannical England.  And again, we fight for our freedoms!

From my perspective, the impromptu parade was a huge success, even though there were absolutely no advertisements for it.  In fact, in searching the internet last night for the parade schedule, there was absolutely no mention of a parade, or a cancellation of the parade.  The board members of the Colington Yatch Club should receive a proper spanking for their lack of patriotism for not even notifying the residents of Colington of the cancellation of the Independence Day Boat Parade!

Thank you, Rosie and family, for posting these videos of all the parades in the last few years!