Hundreds of self-proclaimed non-citizens may have been stealing the vote in Wake County.  Five hundred thirty voters provided proof that they were non-citizens and hence ineligible to serve as jurors in Wake County, yet, according to State Board of Elections data, they registered to vote and did vote.  When challenged on this, the Wake County Board of Elections held a sham of a hearing and threw out over 500 legal challenges brought by North Carolina’s Voter Integrity Project (NC-VIP).  Now the NC-VIP needs our help to expose this fraud.

Using court records, NC-VIP identified Wake County residents who excused themselves from jury duty by providing proof that they were non-citizens.  NC-VIP then matched those records against the voter file in Wake County and found that 530 people who declared themselves to be non-citizens registered to vote and did in fact vote.  In some cases, the voting took place before or very soon after their declaration of non-citizenship.  NC-VIP challenged these voters to the Wake County Board of Elections and requested that additional records be produced to verify the citizenship status and therefore voting eligibility of these individuals.  The Wake BoE held a joke of a hearing and dismissed 512 of the challenges.  What made it a joke was that the Board did not verify that the challenges were properly reviewed by local election officials. They simply took the word of the Elections Investigator who said that she checked with DMV to verify the citizenship of the voters in question.  No representatives from the DMV were present at the hearing and the local elections investigator did not explain her methods of verification.  NC-VIP has appealed the dismissal to the Superior Court.

Click here to read the appeal and NC-VIP press release.

NC-VIP now needs our help to expose this fraud.  Contact your State House Representative and State Senator and tell them about this legal challenge.  Tell them that you will not stand for this investigation to be white-washed.  Let them know that  North Carolina’s laws are easy picking for anybody trying to generate fraudulent voters and this needs to be fixed, starting with (among other things) “REAL voter ID.”   Even though the General Assembly is out of session, those folks still get their emails.

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Here is a much more detailed account of the affair, provided by John Pizzo, NC-VIP Research Director:

  1. In April, I requested and received from the Clerk of Superior Court in Wake County, two data extracts for jurors who disqualified themselves from jury duty during the period 1/1/2008 through early 2012. One extract was for those who disqualified themselves for reason of not being U.S citizens. They provided green cards to support their claim, and signed the jury summons under penalty of perjury, to that effect. The extract contained 6033 persons who self-disqualified themselves in this manner. The other data extract I received was for felons who disqualified themselves for lack of restored civil rights. There are 662 names on that list.
  2. We took the 6033 persons (the ‘non-citizens’) listed in the extract. It contains the names. addresses and date of disqualification for each. We then searched the Wake County voter roll for matches based on same name and address using a computer program specifically developed for us by members of my Research Team. This initial ‘match’ yielded a little more than 1000 names for further research by manual look-ups at the SBOE site to obtain not only verification of registration, but the date and voting record associated with each name.
  3. After the laborious look-up process, there remained a total of 530 “voters” who were reasonably identical matches such that we could move forward with creating voter challenges for each one. We consider that evidence provided by the challenged voter (their self-admitted lack of citizenship and yet their presence on the voter roll) as probable, though not conclusive, proof, needed for a challenge. After all, more conclusive proof exists within state records, such as SSN’s, TIN’s, and DMV documents – to which we have no access. In some cases these non-citizens had registered, even voted, before the date at which they declared, and proved, they were NOT citizens. More often, they registered and voted at a date later than the date they declared themselves to be non-citizens. This opens the possibility they became naturalized citizens at a later date. In some cases, the gap between their declaration of non-citizenship was a matter of several years, making a later naturalization date plausible, thereby allowing them to register and vote. In other cases, such a ‘gap’ was only a matter of days, or a few months, making a naturalization scenario possible, but implausible. In any case, only the state has the information resources to conclusively sort it out for us. We submitted our 530 challenges on May 15, knowing full well that some of our challenges, perhaps half or less, would likely be dismissed.
  4. On June 26, the Wake BOE convened for a ‘preliminary’ hearing regarding our 530 challenged voters. Sworn testimony was taken from myself, Jay Delancy, our organization’s leader, Ms. Lorrin Freeman, Clerk of the Wake County Superior Court, one of her assistants, and a Ms. Veronica DeGraffenreid, an elections investigator for the SBOE. The Board’s inquiry was led by its Chair, a Ms. Aida Doss Havel, a Democratic operative. Two other members of the Wake Board, a Democrat and a Republican, were also present. The Board made a video recording of the entire preliminary hearing, which we have requested, but have not yet received, despite a looming 10 day deadline to appeal the Board’s findings. This could be construed as deliberate obfuscation, but admittedly, I am not a lawyer.
  5. Ms. Freeman testified to the accuracy and method of how she provided the data extracts to me. She stated she believes clerical errors in her office are “less than 0.5% (1 in 200, or less). She affirmed to the Board that people who declined jury duty for cause of non-citizenship provided PROOF, a copy of their green card of their status. Her comments were supported by one of her clerical assistants who also testified. I testified as to the methodology we use at NC-VIP to determine which voters should be challenged. Ms. Degraffenreid said that she had “checked” with the NC DMV and using their records determined all but handful of those challenged were, in fact, U.S. citizens. She did not say WHEN they became citizens – so even if they are now citizens, it is still quite possible they were not citizens at the time they registered or voted. Again, we have found numerous instances where those challenged were registered or voted BEFORE they proved to the court they were not citizens. If so, they have committed a crime, a felony in NC, regardless of their present citizenship status. One wonders if they could have been granted citizenship if INS or DHS had known they committed such a felony. All but 18 of our 530 challenges were then dismissed by the Board, some of the 18 because they DO NOT have driver’s license and therefore, could not researched by the DMV. We have since tried to find out the factual basis of what the DMV provided to the SBOE, unsuccessfully….the stone walls have been erected.

We desire to appeal the dismissal of the 518 voter challenges on June 26, on several bases:

    1. The DMV, in the form of a representative knowledgeable about the investigation done for the state, was not called or present at the preliminary hearing.
    2. There was no in-depth description of findings or facts presented by Ms. Degraffenreid that would educate us, or the Board, as to the validity and robustness of the investigation the DMV conducted. For example, were these challenged voters found merely to have driver’s licenses without differentiation into ‘regular’ and “legally present” licenses? There is a large difference between the two. In our opinion, the failure of the BOE to summon a representative from the DMV to testify, left us, as challengers, unable to ask questions, or cross-examine, about the basis the BOE was relying upon to make a determination. A summary table of 18 names to be further investigated at a formal hearing on August 21st was all we got. For those of you who are lawyers, when your star witness is excluded from the court, what does that do to your case?
    3. No evidence was presented for any INDIVIDUAL challenge.The Board chair summarily absolved all 512 with one swoop of her magic wand.
    4. Prior to the preliminary hearing, the Board Chair, accessed a linked blog site at NC-VIP’s web address. There, she left disparaging comments about our
    5. organization. Subsequently, at the hearing, she refused to use the term “voter challenges” and instead, referred to them as “These pieces of paper” in a disparaging and dismissive manner which is best appreciated, I’m sure, in the videotape that has not yet been released to us, despite the lat hour for an appeal. The bottom line is that given her provable animus toward our organization, she should have recused herself. The hearing, in short, was a sham.
    6. If any slipshod/sleight-of-hand was used by the SBOE working in collusion with the DMV, how will any legitimate challenges of this nature ever bear fruit? So, now is the time to vette what was done in this instance.
    7. We have requested, but also have not yet received, the date of birth information for each of the challenged voters, something we as challenging citizens are entitled to by State Statute.

Our organization is small (<200 members) but growing rapidly. We are registered as a C4 Corporation, but to date, have received a pittance in contributions. We hope that when the word gets out about the great work being done by our researchers, and the innovative computerized solutions toolkit we are developing. that will change.  The short of it is, we cannot at this time pay legal fees to a pricey legal firm to help us to either appeal the 512 voter challenges dismissed, or to help with the legal aspects of pushing this beyond the boundaries of Wake County, and out to the remaining 99 counties. Meanwhile, we have adapted our software to search for deceased voters remaining on county voter rolls and I’m please to report, five counties are now complete, with three currently ‘in-process.’ Thousands of dead voters remaining on the rolls have already been positively identified, and I expect the final number statewide to handily exceed 10,000. Gary Bartlett, The head of the SBOE, in my studied opinion.runs a loose ship and I believe legislators and the public will come to see that as additional embarrassing revelations are brought forward.  If you, or any of those copied, can help us with an appeal to force an injunction against the June 26th dismissal of the 512 challenges, it would go a long way to advance the cause of clean elections in our state, not only because of the facts as they may come to be, but also the ‘chilling’ effect it should have on those who might be willing to commit voter fraud in November.

I have asked my state senator and house representative for assistance, but to date none has been forthcoming. We cannot make this effort as fruitful as it can be without the support of those who recognize the problem and are willing to lend support from their influential positions.  We are expecting jury disqualification data from several additional counties to be given to us in the next week.  We would like to do our work, with confidence that the system will give it a fair ‘hearing’ when it is presented again in the future.  When we are done with non-citizens and dead voters, we will move on to felons and those people with multiple registration WITHIN state.

My researchers do not have political party or racial/ethnic information about voters. Initial selection of voters for look-ups is done by a computer program that has no such information and is based solely purely on name/address/age identifiers.