Obama is a man that keeps his promises.  Remember his promise that ‘electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket’ under his administration?  Well, here it comes.  Dominion is proposing a 20% increase in rates, the majority of which they say is needed due to their increased cost to comply with state and federal emission regulations.

While Obama did not get Cap & Trade passed, he has been implementing his plan to regulate CO2 (the air you exhale) by executive order.  Those plans are going to cost us billions.  Obama tells us himself that we will bear those costs and that we will just have to get used to it.

Dominion makes very clear the reason for the needed rate increase.  In their letter they state that one of the three reasons for the rate increase is

several unique and/or infrequently occurring events arose during the test period, including costs associated with recent changes in federal Environmental Protection Agency rules to implement stricter emission limits

Duke Energy is asking for a similar increase due to the EPA’s regulations.  From their own website:

Duke Energy Carolinas today filed a request with the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) to increase electric rates by approximately $646 million.  Approximately three-fourths of the rate increase would allow Duke Energy Carolinas to begin recovering $4.8 billion in investments made since 2009 to modernize our electric system and comply with state and federal emissions regulations.

Every regulation that comes out of Manteo, Raleigh and Washington should be called what it is – a TAX. The cost of every single regulation is ultimately paid by me and you.  To think that businesses actually pay taxes or bear the burden of regulation is delusional.  Every tax, every regulation, every dollar printed by the Federal Reserve means that me and you are going to pay a price.  And a 20% rate increase is the price we will pay for Obama’s progressive designs to send us back to the stone age in terms of energy.

I hope you will thank Obama and the Democrats on November 2nd, from the local races to the General Assembly to Congress.  If someone continues to put that ‘D’ behind their name, they are a co-conspirator to reduce us to abject slavery by taxing and regulating us into oblivion.  That includes our local Dare Democrats who are fully behind Obama. Remember this?

Dare Dems Fundraiser at Kelly’s in 2011

Dare County Commission Chairman Warren Judge speaks at Dare Dems 2011 fundraiser

Senator Stan White speaks at Dare Dems 2011 fundraiser