Campaign finance reports released by Arthur Williams’ campaign show that Williams’ campaign paid Jeremy Adams $900 on the day that Jeremy Adams publicly endorsed Mr. Williams .  A second payment of $900 followed one month later.  Both payments were labeled ‘Consulting’.

If these payments were made to former NC House 6 candidate Jeremy Adams, this is indeed troubling. Truth or Dare, however, is unable to confirm if these payments went to the aforementioned Jeremy Adams or someone else named Jeremy Adams.   The campaign finance entries made by the Williams’ campaign are incomplete and do not provide enough detail to confirm the identity of the recipient.

The data posted to the NC SBE website for Williams’ Q2 filing does not show the address or city of the consultant Jeremy Adams.  It  lists Mr. Adams occupation as Insurance Salesman.   Losing NC6 candidate Jeremy Adams lists his occupation on his campaign finance reports as ‘Warrior’ so it is not known if these payments are made to Jeremy Adams, Warrior, and were reported incorrectly or if these payments were made to Raleigh-based insurance agent Jeremy S. Adams.  It is odd that Mr. Williams would not know the address of his consultant Mr. Adams so Truth or Dare finds this omission in the report suspect.

Going on the assumption that the recipient was losing candidate Jeremy Adams, Warrior, voters in NC6 have reason to be concerned.  For a losing candidate to take a cash payment from his former opponent on the day that he endorses that opponent is not only unseemly but downright unethical.  Jeremy Adams’ lack of judgement and Arthur Williams’ exploitation of it is despicable.

Missing from Mr. Williams’ campaign filing is any mention of payments to his real consultants, Ashley Woolard and Bill Tarpenning.  Surely they are providing more guidance and advice than losing candidate, Warrior, Jeremy Adams.  Are they volunteering their services?

Or are there other ways to be compensated other than direct payments that have to be reported to the NC SBE?  Mr. Tarpenning thinks so.  Another candidate, a close friend of Truth or Dare, reported that he was approached by Mr. Tarpenning last year when Mr. Tarpenning wanted to consult on this candidate’s campaign.   After Tarpenning quoted an outrageous figure for his services, this candidate researched Mr. Tarpenning’s consulting history and found that Mr. Tarpenning was paid very little to run Ashley Woolard’s failed Congressional campaign.  When the candidate asked why he should pay such an outrageous amount for Tarpenning’s services when he was paid so little by the Woolard campaign for the same services, Tarpenning replied that there were ‘other ways’ to be compensated other than just money.  This candidate, being an upstanding and righteous candidate, declined Mr. Tarpenning’s offer.

This pattern of obfuscation and deceit by Arthur Williams and his campaign handlers is despicable. Eastern North Carolinians, indeed all North Carolinians, have had enough of the good ole’ boy style of politics as usual.  They are rejecting these tired old candidates and their deceitful tactics.  One by one, these kinds of candidates are falling by the wayside as North Carolina seeks to right itself from the corrupt politics of the past few decades.  Come July 17th, I hope that NC6 voters will again reject the deceitful and corrupt politics of the past and reject the deceitful candidacy of Arthur Williams.