by Diane Rufino

I understand that Rep. Walter Jones has come out to support Arthur Williams in the run-off election for NC House for District 6. I’m sure there is a political reason.

I have great respect for Rep. Jones and appreciate his position on the NDAA, immigration, and use of military force. I know he has a big heart when it comes to our military. But nevertheless, he is a politician.

I’d like to offer support for Mattie Lawson, who won the primary but was challenged by Williams in a run-off.  I’m not a politician. I have no money invested. I have no promises to fulfill.  I owe no favors.  I have no agenda other than making sure that the NC General Assembly is comprised of representatives who are knowledgeable, competent, moral, and principled. The more I can inherently trust the representatives of our state, the less time I have to spend keeping an eye on them and more time I can spend with my family.

I’ve known Mattie for a few years now and I know her character.  She is committed to principles and committed to doing what’s right for the people of the state. Mattie doesn’t see matters in terms of right or left; she sees them as right or wrong. Mattie contacted me early last year because she wanted to try to organize a summer program for children where they could learn about government and enjoy activities that would allow them to apply government principles. The passion she had for that program was inspiring and I knew she was a person committed to the values she wanted to promote. I volunteer with a group that offers constitutional seminars and Mattie attends them.  I can’t say that about any other state representative except for Hood Richardson, who is a Beaufort County Commissioner. She doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks the walk.  And for that reason, I trust her.  She is exactly the type of candidate we need in the NC Assembly.

She knows where government belongs and where it doesn’t belong.

I know Arthur Williams recently switched parties. I remember the day he made that announcement.  I’m sure he is a very nice man, but from a voter’s point of view, I just don’t know how you can trust a person who switches parties but yet has no record of proving that will take his new platform seriously or will vote consistently.

The 2013 Assembly session is going to have many demands and perhaps ever some serious ideological challenges.  As the federal government becomes more out-of-touch with Americans and tests the limits of individual rights and freedoms, we all are beginning to see the importance of having a strong state to protect and provide for us.  We need jobs but we also need the right to be secure in our property and pursuit of happiness. I trust Mattie for the challenges that lie ahead. She is tried and true. She is gracious and kind. I’m proud to know her and delighted that a person of her caliber and character is running to represent us.

Again, I have no agenda or vested interests in professing my support. I only want what is best for my state of North Carolina.

I urge everyone to please get out and vote for Mattie on Tuesday, July 17th .


Diane Rufino is a leader of the ENC Tea Party and is a dedicated patriot.  She is a scientist, attorney, wife and mother.   You can read her bio here.  She writes about constitutional issues on her blog For Love of God and Country.