In a candid exchange on Facebook with Truth or Dare, Speaker of the House Thom Tillis defended Arthur Williams publicly once again and inserted himself unnecessarily, once again, into our local House race. Tillis engaged in a debate with Truth or Dare and then deleted this blogger’s comments as well as some of his own, saying that Truth or Dare’s posting of these comments represented behavior that diverted attention from more important issues.  Tillis then banished this blogger to the land of un-friends.

Tillis tried to prop up Williams’ liberal voting record and then defended his own intrusion into the NC6 race. Probably realizing that he’d stepped into it once again, Tillis removed certain comments from the thread including my comments and some of his own, and un-friended me. Fortunately, technology being what it is, Truth or Dare captured the full exchange before it disappeared from Facebook. It is posted below for your reading pleasure.  You can still find parts of these comments on Tillis’ personal FB page, at least for now.

Note, this was captured via three screen shots.  This exchange took place beginning at 10:30am, Sunday, July 15th and ended just before 11am.  When you’re done with this, click over to the Beaufort Observer for their timely commentary.

**UPDATE:  Truth or Dare has updated this post to remove any discussion on the comments by one David Lewis.  Truth or Dare erred when she assumed that the commenter below named David Lewis was Representative David R. Lewis.  In fact, the commenter below named David Lewis, is David Lewis, private citizen, and is in no way connected with Rep. David R. Lewis.  Truth or Dare regrets this error and apologizes to Representative Lewis for attributing the comments improperly.

Link to Beaufort Observer commentary on this exchange.