The Tea Party favored candidates in the statewide races were swept to victory in yesterday’s runoff.  The grassroots activists turned out the vote for their candidates in stunning numbers.

Dan Forest buried his opponent for Lieutenant Governor, beating him with 68% of the vote.  Dan campaigned tirelessly across the state and had the enthusiasm and endorsement of Tea Party groups from the coast to the mountains.  He will face full-on progressive Democrat Linda Coleman in November.  Ms. Coleman believes we must “hold industry, government and the business community accountable when it comes to natural resource consumption”.  She will advocate for “Clean Green policies” and will ensure “a smooth implementation” of Obamacare.

Mike Causey smacked down Richard Morgan for Insurance Commissioner with 57% of the vote.  Causey also traveled the state from end to end, garnering support from Tea Party groups.   Morgan was a former House Rep. with a bad reputation, even among voters in his own County of Moore.  Causey defeated him there by 2 to 1.  Morgan’s high name recognition propelled him to initial victory on May 8th but the grassroots support for Causey was on full display in the runoff.  Causey is the only challenger to have defeated the May 8th primary winner in the statewide races.  Causey will face hard-core leftist Democrat Wayne Goodwin in November.

Ed Goodwin easily won the nomination for Secretary of State earning 54% of the vote over Kenn Gardner. Ed was seen as an outsider with true conservative credentials and he worked hard earning the endorsement of Tea Party groups.  He swept all but three counties east of Charlotte.  He will face incumbent progressive Democrat Elaine Marshall in November.  Marshall is an opponent of voter id going so far as to have a petition on her website to oppose it.  She says that it’s the responsibility of elected officials to “right the wrongs” demonstrated by the Occupy movement.

John Tedesco easily beat his challenger Richard Alexander with 54% of the vote.  Tedesco ran on his experience on the Wake School Board where he was not afraid to tackle unpopular issues like busing.  He was a Tea Party favorite across the state.  He will face incumbent June Atkinson.  While her website says absolutely nothing about her positions on the issues, she has shown herself to be an advocate of progressive policies and a larger and expanding role of the state and federal education bureaucracy.