2010 election

Marc Basnight will make this his last term in the North Carolina Senate.  According to WRAL, (more…)


GOP Takes Control of NC House and Senate

Dare County Sheriff Ousted

Barbara Jackson Wins Seat on NC Supreme Court

Calabria, Elmore, Geer win in NC Court of Appeals’ Races

Democrat Bill Owens Defeats Republican John Woodard in NC House District 1

Republicans Sweep Currituck County Board of Commissioners’ Races

Renee Ellmers Defeats Bob Etheridge for the US House Seat in NC2, Recount Likely





Dare County has elected its first Republican Sheriff.  Doug Doughtie easily defeated incumbent Rodney Midgett 56/44.  Midgett carried Manteo, Wanchese, Nags Head and East Lake while Doughtie carried Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills,  Colington, Manns Harbor, Stumpy Point and all precincts south of the Bonner Bridge.

Dare County voters returned  Republican Jack Shea to the Board of County Commissioners.  Mr. Shea defeated his opponent (more…)

Third quarter Financial Disclosures suggest that Tim Spear may be in trouble in the NC2 House race.  Expenditures for the incumbent show that internal polling data may have prompted an intense advertising blitz.  Sensing they were losing ground,  the NC Democratic Party (NCDP) stepped in to help the embattled incumbent.

While Mr. Spear had been advertising in newspapers since mid-August, it wasn’t until after he received polling data from Public Policy Polling that he ramped up his advertising campaign.  Mr. Spear did not release the results of the polling which suggests (more…)

As controversy continued to swirl around the German Soldier Ad, Representative Tim Spear and the North Carolina Democratic Party took cover. Spear, who said he was personally insulted when he saw the flyer, said the NC Democratic Party was responsible for hiring the ad agency. The Party promptly blamed the ad agency. The ad agency issued a press release ‘taking full responsibility’.

Mr. Spear takes credit for the message but not the photo. “It was a good flyer (more…)

A recent mailer sent out by the NC Democratic Party, and authorized by NC-2 Representative Tim Spear, has local vets hoppin’ mad.  On the front of the ad, Spear tells vets that “One Legislator is Covering Our Soldiers’ Backs”.  On the back, overlaying a photo of  soldiers, he says, “In combat, you always want another soldier covering your back.”  The ad might have been effective except for two facts.  First, Mr. Spear’s bio does not mention any military service.  Second, and much more troubling, is that the soldiers pictured in the ad are not American soldiers.  They’re Hitler’s soldiers. (more…)

Marc Basnight and Hood Richardson squared off in Elizabeth City last week in a forum sponsored by the Elizabeth City Chamber of Commerce.  This was the first, and possibly the only, public debate between the two candidates.  Their divergent views on the economy, corruption, illegal immigrants, healthcare and the environment were on full display.

It was a Basnight friendly audience and the Senator tried to use that to his advantage.  The cool reception that Richardson received, though, did not deter him from speaking frankly.  The result is that voters will have a hard time coming away undecided after reading and hearing these exchanges. While no video is available, the exchange was captured on audio and is linked below the fold.

The number one issue facing our economy, Basnight told the audience, was jobs.  “You cannot create more jobs unless (more…)

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