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Aware of the destructive and insidious nature of Agenda 21-style policies, the Dare County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed an anti-Agenda 21 resolution at their Feb 20, 2012 meeting. Commissioner Jack Shea led the charge and we thank him for his leadership.  It was passed by the five Commissioners who were present.  Commissioners Richard Johnson and Max Dutton did not attend the meeting. While this resolution only states our County leaders’ opposition to such policies and does not repeal any policies currently on the books, it is a good start.  It sets an example for the towns in Dare County to follow.  It is now up to us to hold their feet to the fire and inform the Commissioners when we see Agenda 21 creeping into proposed policies and legislation.  And if there are policies and laws on the books that should be repealed, we must find identify those and bring them to the attention of the Board. We must also encourage the towns to adopt this resolution.  Take a copy of this resolution to your local town meeting and speak during the public comment phase and pass out the resolution to all the members. Encourage your elected officials to view the video below.

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WHEREAS, Dare County was founded on the basic American principle of private property ownership and the right of local governments to develop communities in ways that are beneficial for its citizens; and

WHEREAS, these uniquely American principles are threatened by Agenda 21 initiated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro which represents a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control; and

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Next Thursday, June 28th,  come out for a special viewing of “Agenda:  Grinding America Down”. “Agenda” exposes the progressive agenda that has been at work for a century in the United States.  This movie will be real eye opener.  MovieGuide called it

The most powerful expose of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far.

The movie features Congressman Steve King, M. Stanton Evans, Ed Meese, Phyllis Schlafly and many more. You don’t want to miss this movie!  Click here for more details about the movie or watch the trailer below. (more…)

The Three E’s of Sustainability

Conservative state legislators rallied to strip Agenda 21 language from the Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council charter renewal but fell short by six Republican votes.  Rep. Glen Bradley submitted an amendment to SB 491 that would have renewed the Council’s charter after removing all pro-Agenda 21 language. The amendment garnered the support of most Republicans and two Democrats but ultimately failed 51-63.  Thirteen Republicans voted NO on the Amendment including House Majority Leader Paul Stam.  To bolster their position, Pro Agenda 21 forces used the media to demonize their opponents and promote their agenda, as required by the progressive playbook, and the compliant media delivered on cue.

The media, while attacking conservatives in their usual fashion, showed their support for Agenda 21 but unwittingly bolstered the conservative argument against it.  Craig Jarvis of the News & Observer said in his blog that the SLFAC,“sounds like a good idea, right?”  He lamented that the term ‘sustainable’ has become an obscenity.  Jarvis called ‘sustainability’ something that “encourages environmental stewardship” but said that conservatives see it as an evil ‘plot’ to control the world.

Jarvis goes, on, however to quote an Agriculture Dept analyst who unwittingly showed her hand, (more…)

The NC Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council’s charter is set to expire this year.  The General Assembly is trying hard to renew its charter despite opposition from legislators, groups and citizens who recognize this Council as UN inspired and Agenda 21 driven.  This Council, while probably doing good work on behalf of small farmers and helping to educate people about locally produced food, should be disbanded or its charter wholly re-written.  It is an instrument of the U.N. elites, as are many of our departments, boards and commissions in North Carolina.  Nowhere do you see “U.N.” or “Agenda 21” in its charter or even its originations in the Foundations and Baselines Report but this council surely has as its goal the same goals outlined in Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 was written and adopted by United Nations Conference on Environment and Development on 14 June 1992.  It is a global framework for the implementation of a one-world government under the guise of environmentalism.   A leading authority on Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese, summarizes Agenda 21 this way: (more…)